Nintendo skipped E3 but will bring its own live event to Seattle this September.


Nintendo Live 2023

Nintendo is hosting an in-person live event in Seattle, WA this September that will feature Nintendo Switch gameplay, live stage performances, photo ops, and more for attendees. It’s Nintendo’s own event that first debuted in Japan and is now coming to America.

On February 24, the company announced that it would not be attending this year’s E3 event in June 2023. The event was supposed to be held in Los Angeles – its traditional location – but Nintendo pulled out, saying the E3 shows “fit into the company’s plans.” Other companies such as Sony and Microsoft also decided to cancel the event. What did

That said, US residents will still have the opportunity to participate. Nintendo Live 2023, which is directed at people of all ages. Participants will have the opportunity to play popular games on Nintendo Switch and participate in friendly competitions or play them at their own pace. They will also experience live stage performances and take photos with their favorite Nintendo characters. Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser added:

“Fans of all ages can currently experience unique games, characters and the world of Nintendo on Nintendo Switch, but we want to expand that scope with a new experience. With Nintendo Live 2023, we’re bringing attendees families, Providing the opportunity to have fun and create lasting memories with friends, and the broader Nintendo community.”

Additionally, the event will feature figurines that will bring Nintendo’s in-game worlds to real life. Finally, there will be “high energy” tournaments where people can cheer on their favorite opponents while competing for awards.

While it is being held in September, the date of the event has not yet been confirmed but Nintendo said it will share more information soon.


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