Nintendo just trashed the Switch Pro for this new console.


The Nintendo Switch has an impressive legacy, with many popular games and a high-quality experience in a small build. However, the age has slowly reached the handheld, its barriers emerging in some recent AAA exclusives such as Bayonetta 3 and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

To solve this dilemma, Nintendo reportedly planned to release a mid-generation revision, commonly known asNintendo Switch Pro.Regardless, the plans were then scrapped in favor of a new console.

Sit back, relax, and grab some snacks to join us as we discover the details of a Switch console we never received and learn more about the next-gen Nintendo console in this short 2-minute video. Its current focus is Bibliophiles are free to search the rest of the article for a detailed write-up.

The Pro variant was designed for the older hardware of the current Switch variants, with a mid-generation edition rumored to be in development for over a year. According to Bloomberg, atleast 11 different game studios Tools were received from Nintendo to develop 4K games for the Switch Pro.

However, Nintendo quickly denied such claims, calling the report false to clear up any misunderstandings among investors and consumers.

Mayheyo, the studio behind Genshin Impact, was also developing an expected port for the Nintendo Switch, but then again it was never officially mentioned. Community lore suggests that Genshin Impact was possibly initially being developed for the Nintendo Switch Pro, which was canceled when the model was dumped.

Highly reliable sources in the industry have unofficially confirmed the existence of the Nintendo Switch Pro. For example, John Lenman from Digital Foundry also discussed Nintendo’s secret mid-generation Switch variant. The 92nd episode of the DF Direct Weekly Podcast.

I think at one point, internally, from what I can understand from talking to various developers, that there was some kind of mid-generation Switch update planned at one point, and it looks like now. It’s not happening,” John said during the podcast. .

Nevertheless, despite its development proceeding smoothly, Nintendo eventually Decided to pull the plug internally. On the Switch Pro console according to the trusted Digital Foundry.

The concrete reason behind ditching the Switch Pro remains up in the air. However, Digital Foundry’s John Lenman speculated in a podcast about one of Nintendo’s possible reasons.

According to John, Nintendo was probably worried about the Switch Pro possibly underperforming like some follow-ups in the past. Despite being good consoles, the GameCube and Wii U fared relatively poorly in sales after very prominent lineups.

For example, the GameCube rolled out a few units unlike the Wii, which is still one of the world’s most influential consoles. Following similar circumstances, the Wii U produced poor sales figures and the Nintendo Switch surpassed almost all previous records set by Nintendo consoles in nearly six years.

While we’re not getting a Nintendo Switch Pro, alongside images of a new Switch model The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Recently seen doing the rounds on various web forums. The rumored model may come with the expected game in the near future.

While it’s not all doom and gloom, after canceling the mid-generation upgrade, several industry sources noted that Nintendo is focusing on “Next generation hardware” Next. In other words, instead of a Switch model upgrade, we could be getting an entirely new console going forward from Nintendo.

It’s pretty clear that whatever they do will be real next-generation hardware,” John added in the podcast.

However, that’s definitely not happening this year, as several reports have noted within the past few weeks. Even John took a similar stance, saying,I don’t think it’s going to be 2023.

Similarly, while talking to a Research Director of Ampere Analysis Piers Harding-Rolls., has announced that Nintendo’s next console won’t arrive until 2023. Pearce alleges that 2024 is more likely for the next-gen console.I’m not expecting a next-gen Nintendo console in 2023: 2024 is in our forecast.

In the past, rumors suggested that the next-generation Nintendo console would likely arrive in the second half of 2024. For example, a recent report has indicated that Nintendo has begun negotiating with suppliers to prepare for its next console.

Given its healthy demand, Nintendo will. Build more Switch consoles. for the next fiscal year, which further indicates that the next-gen console won’t arrive until 2023. This move ignores all estimates from various analysts in the past, which shows the strength of the older console.

The anticipated release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will overload the hardware sales charts for the Nintendo Switch. Current dominant games, such as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and Splatoon 3, have also contributed heavily to recent hardware sales over the past few months.

The Switch has launched this year with a bang, with recent developments showing that it has broken a record in the US that no other console has held in the past 30 years. Additionally, the handheld also reportedly accounted for 50% of all consoles sold in France last year. In the end, it was the best-selling console in the UK and several other territories.

The adorable Nintendo Switch has proven to be the little giant of all gaming platforms, often going toe-to-toe and sometimes outselling next-generation consoles in sales. What started as a simple portable has now evolved into an all-in-one handheld packed with outstanding features and unforgettable experiences.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo reportedly throwing out its mid-generation Switch revision in favor of a new next-gen console? Do you think a new Nintendo console will be officially announced later this year? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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