Nintendo is apparently negotiating with suppliers for the production of the next console.


  • Nintendo is reportedly in talks with its suppliers about the production of its next-generation consoles, as suggested by the latest Nikkei report.
  • The console is expected to sell over 20 million units this year.
  • The next-gen console is expected to arrive in the second half of 2024.
  • The late release of Nintendo’s next-gen console will extend the Switch’s reign to surpass the NES era to become the company’s longest-running flagship console.

The Nintendo Switch has grown into a highly featured handheld that is loved around the world. The Switch continues to roll out units worldwide despite reaching nearly six years of age, which would make most other consoles mundane. However, it’s getting old, and a new console will be out soon.

According to many past rumors, Nintendo is gearing up for the eventual launch of its next console. Whether it’s the Switch 2 or some other kind of device remains to be fully answered. However, it appears that the development of this secret device is already being carefully planned and organized behind the scenes.

Oh Reported by Nikkei has shed more light on the possibility, claiming that Nintendo is reportedly in talks with multiple suppliers to manufacture its new consoles. The information stems from an explanation from Nintendo’s president “Shuntaro Furukawa“In a press conference during the interrogation.

When asked about Nintendo’s next-generation console strategy, Shuntaro Furukawa replied, “We want to provide entertainment that is different from others.” Nikki has also claimed this. Nintendo has begun negotiations. Behind the scenes with suppliers on their new console.

The details are still sketchy, but they provide better details and serve as an official confirmation that Nintendo is indeed working on its next console. Questions like when we can expect it to be released and more official details are anyone’s guess at the moment. However, it is almost impossible for the next console to come out this year.

The report also mentions that there will be a new Nintendo device. Not until the second half of 2024., which is evident considering the steady increase in global Switch sales between last month and this year. Moreover, the estimated sales for this year is a staggering figure of 20 million.

If Nintendo delays its next expected release for the next 18 months, the Nintendo Switch era will become its longest flagship console. The current record is held by the nostalgic NES, which was the company’s flagship portable for seven years until the SNES overtook the giant.

Nintendo is considered one of the most secretive companies regarding its current and future ambitions. We’ll continue to see the Nintendo Switch blowing away the competition and climbing the sales charts in various regions around the world. Regardless, encouraged by a new Switch model Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom It may be on its way.

The Nintendo Switch dominates various regions around the world, and Nintendo will apparently continue to benefit from a strong handheld presence. For example, it has set a record in US sales that no other console has managed to do. Switch sales rose to 50 percent of all consoles sold in France last year.

What are your thoughts on a new Nikkei report suggesting that Nintendo is reportedly in talks with suppliers to prepare for its next console? Do you think the company’s next console will be the next iteration of the Switch? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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