Nine out of every ten video games sold in the UK last year were digital.


As technology takes over our daily lives, many of our daily physical needs come from digital sources. We can order food, pick up groceries, and buy clothes without going anywhere. Gaming There is no exception to this.

The industry is based on technological development, so gamers prefer digital means over physical releases, it is natural.

Cloud streaming There is one thing that has gained popularity, but Digital games Selling is the hottest trend nowadays. Many analysts have predicted that the medium will take over the physical release. And it has already begun. United Kingdom, As approx 90% Video game sales in 2022 were digital.

Key takeaways

  • Almost 90% of video game sales in the UK last year were digital.
  • Only 1 out of every 10th game was a physical sale.
  • The industry is bigger than film, music and TV in the country.

The BBC It is responsible for reporting these statistics to the public. gave Digital Entertainment and Retail AssociationAlso known as ERA, the first to reach these numbers. As you will see, the results are astounding.

Ira said approx Nine out of every ten Games sold in the UK last year were digital sales. According to the trade body, these results come. 89.5% Video game sales Digital download. So, around 90% of total sales in the UK last year were digital, which is a remarkable number.

Everyone in the industry and consumers alike knew that digital games were the way forward. But, to see such a huge increase in such a short period of time is surprising to all of us. Just a year ago, we saw articles about it. Digital games will overtake physical ones. The release

Only 10.5% Video game sales in the UK were physical copies of the aforementioned title. This account only for 1 in every 10 Game to be sold in the country in 2022. Such numbers are staggering for a medium as broad as gaming.

Only in 2022, the UK gaming industry created £4.7bn in gross sales, which puts the medium’s reach into context. According to the BBC it is more than that. the film, Televisioneither or Music The industry however, is nothing new, as gaming has been beating all three globally for some time now.

Mobile apps Calculate for 30% All UK video game sales in 2022 This obviously boosted the digital sales figures, as mobile games are only sold digitally. It also shows the growth of the mobile gaming industry in the country.

A large proportion of gamers are likely to download games directly from their console or PC rather than waiting for a parcel. Head of IRA, Kim Bailey He said that while the growth rate was low. 2.3%, the scale of the industry is huge. It is bigger than video or music and sets the standards for the entertainment industry accordingly.

While growth, at 2.3%, was lower than video or music, the scale is huge – and in terms of innovation and excitement, it’s setting the pace for the entire entertainment sector.

We also get some insight into how sales are calculated in the gaming industry. Like Kim Bayley, behemoths PlayStation And Valve doesn’t publish sales figures. Therefore, ERA results are an estimate of actual sales.

However, these estimates are industry standard and largely accurate. According to Chief, it is much harder than in the old days, but researched numbers provided by the company Omdia is a high standard. She goes on to say:

Back in the old days, when there were only physical console games and PC discs, it was much easier to track the market. These days, it’s very fragmented and sometimes new digital players won’t share their sales data directly – that’s where the guesswork comes in.”

We can trust these ERA numbers as they also match the international trends of the industry. More than 94% All sales of video games were made through an online store, meaning they were digital. Accounts for physical sales only 5.8% of the total numbers, which is a small percentage.

This study is consistent with the ERA numbers, meaning they are pretty spot on. One thing is for sure, the industry is moving towards digital games, and it is happening very fast. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below!

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