New Starfield update sneakily rolls out Russian language support.


Highlights of the story

  • Bethesda Softworks has secretly removed Russian language and subtitle support from Starfield in a backend update, as spotted on SteamDB.
  • The game can no longer be searched on the Steam Store using specific language tags, as the appropriate tags were recently removed.
  • The main reason for the removal of the Russian language is believed to be the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. We suggest taking rumors with a grain of salt.
  • The team behind the upcoming AAA RPG has yet to confirm the reason for the sudden change, but we may hear something soon.

As initially reported. PCGamesN, Bethesda has quietly removed Russian language and subtitle support from Starfield. In a surprising turn of events, the internal update was made on April 11, and the initially supported language has not been completely removed from the game. The main reason behind such a move is likely the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, which has greatly affected the gaming industry, among many others.

The removal was done secretly on April 11, as seen on the Steam tracking site, Steam DB, in a new internal update to the entry. Starfield will now release without native Russian, making it even more difficult for passionate Russian-speaking gamers in the community. Additionally, the Steam page has also been updated, and has now removed the current Russian language interface and subtitle support.

The exact SteamDB changelog where Russian language and subtitle support was removed from Starfield.
The exact SteamDB changelog where Russian language and subtitle support was removed from Starfield.

Various Russian-language tags have also been pulled from the Starfield backend, and the Steam page reflects the change. Searching by the specific language tag no longer brings up Starfield on the Store, confirming Bethesda’s secret removal of language and subtitle support from the title. It has overlooked many of its current popular games on Steam from meeting a similar fate, such as Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls Online.

Russian language and subtitle support is still available in some of its current entries, leaving fans to question the motives of this great party. If the release of Russian language support in Starfield is anything to go by, we may see Bethesda Softworks make a similar move in the upcoming Redfall or existing entries.

As the game’s release date approaches, the sudden removal of the Russian language comes as no surprise. It is also possible that Bethesda Softworks removed the Russian language and subtitles due to fundamental issues with the game. However, only time will clear this hurdle for Starfield fans.

Bethesda Softworks has yet to comment on the new backend change, and this could be another reason why the Russian language has been removed from Starfield. We recommend taking edits with a grain of salt, as language may be added in the future or upon release. Perhaps the developers will also address this situation after gaining more awareness in the community.

Starfield is a new emerging IP from Bethesda Softworks, which has been on the backburner for several years. Todd Howard appeared in an interview a few months ago and revealed various details for the entry. It will reportedly feature a “deep human world” teeming with life. Robots will be the primary enemies in the game, but many will also help humans in everyday life.

Bethesda New RPG set in outer space is coming later this year on September 11, 2023. Moreover, it will be available on PC and Xbox Series X and Series S. The developers ultimately decided to drop the Xbox One to ensure a smooth experience.

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