New, hidden Hi-Fi Rush Steam achievement point on upcoming DLC


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  • Hi-Fi Rush is an action-packed third-person game released in 2023 with a heavy emphasis on rhythm-based gameplay. It was shadow-dropped on January 25th during the Xbox and Bethesda Developer Direct but didn’t take long to become an instant hit due to the way it was developed.
  • Despite being revealed mere months ago, it appears that Tango Gameworks — the developer of Hi-Fi Rush — is planning DLC ​​for its front-running title.
  • This is according to a new update on Hi-Fi Rush’s Steam page, brought forward by the Steam database. A total of 10 new achievements are revealed on the title’s SteamDB page without a proper display name and their description is hidden.
  • The listings may not mean anything, but considering the fact that the Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct are coming up soon, there’s a strong possibility that this alleged DLC will be shown at the event.

According to Hi-Fi Rush’s updated SteamDB page, 10 new achievements with TBA (Be announced) display names and hidden descriptions have been spotted, hinting at new DLC. Tango Gameworks‘ title of the latest rhythmic action. The last record update shown on the page states 11 hours ago at the time of writing, and this is when additional achievements were added to Hi-Fi Rush.

New Hidden Hi-Fi Rush Achievements on SteamDB
New Hidden Hi-Fi Rush Achievements on SteamDB

There is no official confirmation at the moment, and the developers have yet to comment on the situation. Tango Gameworks has yet to release any story-expanding DLC ​​for Hi-Fi Rush, but apparently, that could change soon. With that said, it feels like these seemingly attractive achievements can otherwise be a hiccup on the back end, thus raising our hopes for no reason.

That’s why you should keep a pinch of salt with you when you go through the scope. On the other hand, these hidden unlockables could hint at the release of additional downloadable content for the title, likely to be announced sometime in the future. Xbox Games Showcase, which is scheduled to take place on June 11. Fans say that the second shadow drop will completely disappear from Tango’s charts.

Speaking of which, those who have played Hi-Fi Rush have nothing but positive remarks to make about the title. Upon hearing rumors of new content for the game, one fan says,

That’s a real smart move if they’re skipping DLC! I loved HIFI-Rush and how its shadow fell but it was in Xbox’s first Developers Direct which was new and meant to be small so a lot of people missed out on the game.

But this showcase is going to have a lot of eyes so I hope a lot of people check this game out because it’s seriously amazing. Geoff always likes to include an indie game as a GOTY contender and HIFI RUSH 100% deserves that slot.

It’s clearly remarkable how Hi-Fi Rush became a success with zero marketing, considering it garnered 10,000 reviews on Steam within the first month of its release, 99% of which were positive. were positive. Tango Gamework’s highly stylized action title even led OpenCritic’s 2023 Hall of Fame Award finalist at one point, as one of the best-rated games of the year so far.

Some of Hi-Fi Rush’s biggest selling points that seem to resonate with critics and fans alike are its overall art direction, along with the title’s riveting gameplay that keeps players entertained. Dive into a rich, humorous gameplay experience, and, of course, Beat the rhythm. Despite some of its obvious drawbacks, such as the rhythm mechanic sometimes not registering with much impact, new content for the game would be extremely welcome.

Hi-Fi Rush is available to play on. steam and Xbox Series X|S consoles. The game was released on January 26, 2023.

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