New GTA Online exploit that will cause players’ accounts to be banned.


  • A new GTA Online exploit has surfaced in the community, causing players’ accounts to be banned and data to be compromised.
  • The insider, Tez2, addressed the situation, and informed the players of its importance. Tez2 has asked the community not to play without a firewall.
  • Spyder, the creator of the anti-cheat tool Guardian, has provided a solution for this exploit.
  • Rockstar Games has yet to officially address the situation.

The vibrant world of GTA Online has evolved into one of the most complex online gaming experiences ever since its humble beginnings. From creating personal stories to navigating chaos, everyone has a story to tell in the popular multiplayer title. However, it is full of hurdles and trials for the everyday player.

Achievements and hacks are very common for the GTA Online community, often destroying the streets of Los Santos without consequence. However, a recent exploit has gone too far and resulted in player accounts being banned and data completely compromised, adding a new dimension to the crisis in the community.

A new report from a certified rockstar insider, Tez2Twitter highlighted the scope of this new exploit, labeling it “extremelyTez2 warns that exploiters can now remotely add, delete, and completely change your statistics, destroying them to the extent that it leads to bans on users’ online profiles. .

Prominent insiders have urged the community to avoid playing GTA Online without protection such as a firewall, offering not to play at all until things slow down.

GTA Online usually suffers from long quests, but not to this level. Rockstar Games Radar has yet to respond to such exploits, but we recommend using extreme caution while playing the game until the issue is resolved. Players are worried about the victims coming out all over social media and forums.

Spader, creator of the popular anti-cheat tool Guardian, has provided a possible solution. Following this step by step may provide the best solution against the exploit until Rockstar Games resolves the issue on their end.

The Creator continued, “Just to reassure everyone, Guardian still works and this new exploit does not bypass Guardian in any way. However, the chance of any user (especially beginners) misconfiguring Guardian is too high for such a dangerous exploit.

The creator has disabled access to certain Guardian builds that will not protect them against exploits. This move was done to discourage players from playing the game and tinkering with the anti-cheat tool without understanding it as a small error can lead to the death of your account.

Spader explained, “This exploit is so serious that one wrong configuration or operation can result in loss of your account or even your PC files.So, following the above mentioned solutions will be the best bet for troubled GTA Online players.

The newly reported exploit is among the most dangerous to plague the stand-alone multiplayer experience. However, Hack’s lead is not yet in the wild; In other words, it is impossible to predict the likelihood of participating in an effective GTA Online exploit.

The hack has alerted the entire community, where exploitation is the norm, showing its importance. Rockstar Games has yet to officially address the situation. However, we may hear something official soon as more reports surface on the web. Until then, we recommend logging off the streets of Los Santos.

However, it’s worth noting that this issue only pertains to the PC player. Console users playing titles from Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 are fully protected.

What are your thoughts on the new GTA Online banning popular players’ accounts and data being compromised? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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