Netflix is ​​working on a live service for mobile games.


Highlights of the story

  • Netflix is ​​hiring a senior developer with live service content experience.
  • The company is expanding into gaming, as it is the largest media market.
  • Netflix games are included with every subscription, but Netflix is ​​now potentially trying to monetize its gaming business.

Netflix may try to develop live service games, According to the job posting on Linkedin. The company is seeking a Senior Producer with years of experience producing and delivering live service titles for its live operations team. Netflix is ​​expanding its offerings in gaming, launching mobile games within its Netflix subscription in 2021.

Netflix offers mobile games that are free to play with every Netflix subscription. Netflix plans to expand its in-house gaming services and is likely trying to avoid the same failures that Google did with its Stadia program, which was shut down due to low users. The live service looks like the next step for Netflix, which doesn’t generate revenue directly from gaming.

Netflix job posting

This role will focus on our live service games from a production perspective, managing live games, including roadmaps, scoping, dependencies and the release of content updates. You will manage live service production with external development partners across a slate of titles. You will act as the primary point of contact for an external developer, working with developers on project and milestone schedules as well as post-launch content update planning, and overall development plans. Provide ongoing administrative checks and balances during full live operations of the title since launch.”

More specific requirements are listed below, with experience in mobile gaming live service preferred, and experience delivering such games. Since this posting is a senior-level position, Netflix is ​​likely expanding its internal game development. It is unknown if these live service experiences come to current games or will be part of future titles.

Netflix Job Posting – Senior Producer (Live Ops) – Outdoor Gaming

The posting is for the company’s external games team, which likely interacts with external, third-party developers, however, many of the job postings are for internal developers and studios, such as “our team and developers”. Makes referrals. The candidate will also be responsible for the live service strategy across the company’s gaming pipeline.

Netflix games currently have limited access, With less than 1% of Netflix subscribers Playing his games. We know from prior job postings that Netflix is ​​also building its own internal studios to develop first-party games, and that might happen. Developing AAA games Also for PC. Netflix is ​​in the media and entertainment business, and gaming is the largest media market, so it makes sense for Netflix to expand into gaming.

How Netflix Games Work If you have Netflix on a mobile device, such as a tablet or cell phone, you can download a separate app for each game available on Netflix. Netflix currently has a wide selection of offerings, such as games based on its own intellectual property such as Stranger Things and Squid Game, and other exclusive titles as well.

Mobile gaming is the largest gaming market and is the main gaming market in which Netflix competes. Will they be able to expand their gaming offering and attract new players willing to pay for microtransactions in their mobile games, or will Netflix games play out like Google Stadia? Time will tell, but Netflix is ​​determined to make its mark in gaming.

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