Naughty Dog is already getting ahead of the last of us.


Highlights of the story

  • Neil Druckmann appeared in an interview with BuzzFeed, where he discussed the possibility of The Last of Us 3.
  • The co-president says it’s possible if the studio comes up with a compelling story. Otherwise, the team could move forward like they did with the Uncharted IP.
  • Neal praised Sony and alleged that he never pushed the studio to acquire the IP just because it was successful.
  • Naughty Dog developed a rough script for a possible next entry last year, but the title is not in development.

The community has long been thinking about introducing a new mainline to The Last of Us franchise. Neil Druckman answered the frequently asked question a Recent interview with BuzzFeed.

The Naughty Dog co-president noted that this could happen if the studio can develop a compelling story for The Last of Us 3, and that the studio is interested in the project. Naughty Dog may decide to move on from the IP entirely, like their other prominent Uncharted series, if all requirements are not met.

I know a bunch of people are thinking about The. The Last of Us Part 3 And will it be a thing or not? “All I can say is that we at Naughty Dog are very, very honored to have Sony as our publisher – which means that Sony funds our games, supports us, and we are owned by Sony.” Neil during the interview.

Neil praised the giant group, saying that it has always supported the initiatives taken by the studio and has never convinced Naughty Dog to follow up on an IP more than necessary if a story. I don’t want to tell.

Neal says that Sony has “We were supported every step of the way to follow our passion – meaning that just because something is successful, people think it’s all pressure and we have to make a sequel.

Neil Druckman cited Uncharted as an example, saying how Sony never pressured him to make another entry. “for us, unordered was highly successful – Unknown 4 We had one of our best-selling games — and we’re able to put our final brushstrokes on that story and say we’re done. We are moving forward.

Neil returns to discuss the possibilities of The Last of Us 3 and comments, “Similarly, with The Last of U, it’s up to us whether we want to continue or not.A new entry can be created as long as there is an interesting story to share. However, considering the great conclusion in TLOU Part 2, the chances are slim.

If we can come up with a great story that has this universal message and statement about love — just like the first and second games did — then we’ll tell that story. If we can’t come up with anything, we have a very strong ending. Part 2 And that will be the end,” said Neil Druckman.

It’s worth noting that Naughty Dog has been teasing the story of its next entry in The Last of You franchise since last year. For example, one An outline of a rough script has already been created, but does not suggest that a new game is in development.

I don’t know how much I want to reveal. [Co-writer Halley Gross] And I wrote an outline for a story that we’re not making — but that I hope will see the light of day one day — that explores a little bit about what happens after the game,” Neill noted in a podcast last year.

It is still unclear whether we will receive the next installment in The Last Of Us IP or not. However, Neil recently said that the upcoming multiplayer TLOU project is his “Most ambitious“Still, giving us something fantastic to look forward to from the talented developers at Naughty Dog.

What are your thoughts on Neil Druckman’s approach to continuing The Last of You franchise? Do you think a new entry in the IP is possible considering the eventual end of the second part? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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