NASA has asked the public to submit their names for its Europa Clipper mission.


A bottle with a piece of paper with your name written on it in front of Europa and Mars.

Every once in a while, NASA gets ready to launch a major mission into space and sometimes offers the public a chance to send their name into space. The organization has opened. Another chance Such. Now’s your chance to submit your name to NASA’s upcoming Europa Clipper mission, set to land on Jupiter’s second Galilean moon, Europa, in 2030.

The names of the people will be accompanied by a poem called “In Praise of Mystery: A Poem for Europa” by American Poet Laureate Ida Lemon. They will be stenciled on a microchip and set off on their journey in October 2024. If you are interested in adding your name, you must add it. NASA website By December 31.

Since the program was announced on the evening of June 1, 2,767 people have signed up. The majority of these submissions are from the United States, but names from all continents have also started coming in. Within the United States, most signatures came from California, Texas, Florida and New York.

“‘Message in a Bottle’ is a perfect combination of science, art and technology, and we are excited to share the opportunity to be a part of Europa Clipper’s journey with the world,” said Nicola Fox, NASA’s associate administrator for science missions. ” Directorate in Washington.

“I just love the thought of our namesakes traveling into our solar system on a radiation-tolerant spacecraft looking to unlock the secrets of Jupiter’s frozen moons.”

As mentioned, NASA has conducted similar programs for its Artemis I mission to the Moon and several missions to Mars. While anyone is free to add their name, NASA will certainly hope that this will pique the interest of children who are more interested in pursuing careers in science as a result.

In addition to adding your name, the website provides a world map that shows the locations where signatures are being added. You can also find a live feed of the Clipper cleanroom to see the work in progress.


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