MSEdgeRedirect brings improvements and fixes to an annoying bug


Taras Buria


Jan 16, 2023 05:14 EST

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MSEdgeRedirect is now available for download from GitHub. This popular third-party tool can fix Microsoft’s stubborn unpairing of Edge from various parts of Windows 10 and 11, such as Windows Widgets or Search. The latest release fixes the situation when the app needs to update the IFEO file after every Microsoft Edge update. In addition, there are several other fixes and improvements.

Here’s what’s new in MSEdgeRedirect

  • Fixed PDF handling
  • Updated submodule code
  • Fixed issues with regex case sensitivity
  • Added “Default” option for PDF handler.
  • Fixes problems with NoMoreEdge detection.
  • Add warning if installer fails to copy files.
  • Fixed Windows notifications not being handled.
  • Fixes problems for users with non-C: Windows installs
  • Fixed edge case in which MSEdgeRedirect can loop infinitely.
  • Temporarily removed /update command line option. This will be improved in
  • Changed at directory junction for IFEO pass-through. Constantly asking to update the IFEO file!

MSEdgeRedirect is still in beta, so users should expect more changes in future updates. According to the roadmap published in the project’s GitHub repository, version will bring per-user activation mode and an overhauled installer/updater. The release should land sometime this spring. As of summer, the MSEdgeRedirect developers plan to redo the UI and update their documentation. Finally, version will release the refactored code and by the end of the summer.

You can. Download MSEdgeRedirect from GitHub.. If you are unfamiliar with the project, check out our guide on how to use the MSEdgeRedirect app.

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