Mozilla offers $50,000 cash reward to creators of anti-AI watermarks


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Mozilla has it. announced Winners of its Responsible AI Challenge, a competition where it invites developers who want to develop responsible AI solutions “that are ambitious but ethical and inclusive.” The top prize winner to receive a $50,000 cash prize is Sanative AI, which offers anti-AI watermarks to protect images and artwork from being used as training data for AI models.

The organization selected a total of three winners “after weeks of reviewing hundreds of competing consumer technology and generative AI projects.” Applications were evaluated by a panel of judges made up of AI academics, developers and entrepreneurs. Mozilla said the competition had a variety of participants, from seasoned entrepreneurs to those in the early stages of their products.

A second cash prize of $30,000 has been awarded to the Kwanele Chat Bot, which aims to reduce violence against women by “ensuring rapid access to help and the collection of admissible evidence”. The third winner who received $20,00 in prize money is Nolano, a language model that allows large language models to run on personal devices such as laptops and smartphones.

Winners will also receive mentorship from industry leaders and access to Mozilla communities and resources, Mozilla said. While there are market-disruptive systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the tech industry has begun to question the unknown consequences of AI development. Especially as AI systems come closer to mimicking human thought processes. Earlier this year, more than 1,100 signatories to an open letter urged AI labs to temporarily halt training their models.

Microsoft, a prominent supporter of OpenAI, recently spoke about its plans to build and manage responsible AI products. This comes after the company shed its ethics and society team as part of a restructuring. Google, which has been after ChatGPT with its Bard AI, is also vocal about responsive AI. During the Google I/O 2023 developer conference, the company dedicated a Whole parts His keynotes to talk about responsible AI.


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