Monster Hunter Rise Weapons Tier List [2023]


Monster Hunter Rise, like any other game in this franchise, features various weapons for players to choose from. Various weapons can significantly change the gaming experience, so knowing the most effective weapons in multiple situations is essential. So, we curated this Monster Hunter Rise weapons tier list, ranking them all depending on their effectiveness.

Monster Hunter Rise Weapons Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers Best Weapons 
S-Tier Great Sword (Abysal Galeblade, Daora’s Decimator, Roguish Deathcap, Sinister Shadowblade, and Rathalos Firesword), Long Sword (Despot Boltbreaker, Tamonowo, Wyvern Blade Maple, Great Demon Halberd, and Abyssal Great Sword), and Dual Blades (Evening Dusk, Mountain Blizzarioths, Tigrex Claws, Ashigara Axes, and Gnashing Flammenschild)
A-Tier Heavy Bowgun (Tigrex Skull, Reversal Barrage, Diablazooka, Rajang’s Rage, and Teostra‘s Flames), Hammer (Abominable Hammer, Datura Club, Despot’s Crackle, Sinister Shade Hammer, and Gargwa Hammer), Sword and Shield (Gnashing Flammensucher, Chef’s Knife, Burly Beak, Queen Rapier, and Venomedge)
B-Tier Insect Glaive (Garamorse, Magia Crescent, Watercolor Glaive, Sinister Shadowstaff, and Metalmangler), Switch Axe (Rath Blaze Splitter, Abyssal Gale Axe, Sinister Shadowslice, Rex Gnasher, and Grand Chaos), Gunlance (Crimson Rook, Mythic Kadachi Striker, Sinister Shadowshot, Venomous Attar, and Bazel Destroyer), and Hunting Horn (Bombadgy’s Cry, Magia Charmbell, Bazelreid Rookslayer, Denden Doomsounder, and Vicello Uno Black)
C-Tier Light Bowgun (Abominable Bowgun, Valkyrie Blaze, Ten Thousand Volts, Daora’s Hornet, and Furious Flammenkanone), Bow (Abyssal Gale Bow, Sinister Soulpiercer, Porifera Bow, Flaming Rage Bow, and Beastking Thunderbow), Charge Blade (Dragonsong, Infected Veil, Clutch of the Deep, Stunning Axe, and Cera Strongarm), and Lance (Bazel Myniad Lance, Sinister Shadespear, Despot’s Cacophony, Diablos Spear, and Tigrex Lance)

There are all sorts of unique weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. Players can experience using a hammer for hard hits or various swords to inflict cuts. Players who prefer attacking from a range can use different ranged weapons available. While interested, check out our Monster Hunter World weapons tier list.


best weapons monster hunter rise

These are the best weapons in the game, and you would not be disappointed by their damage-dealing capabilities and attack style.

Dual Blades

The Dual Blades are great for inflicting fast-paced, furious attacks due to their high mobility. These pair of blades are the fastest weapons in the Monster Hunter Rise weapons tier list. Players can take down monsters easily with a series of deadly attacks and combos. Also, consider reading our Best Dual Blades In Monster Hunter World guide.

The Dual Blades are small weapons that are light in weight for faster attack speed. So, the short-range attacks might leave you vulnerable to many bosses. However, these are the perfect choice for aggressive players who tend to go all out with nothing holding them back.

  • Fastest attack Speed.
  • Easier combos.
  • Demon and Archdemon modes can inflict significant damage.
  • Short Ranged attacks.
  • Tend to lose sharpness at a fast rate due to a series of multiple hits.

Best Dual Blades

  • Evening Dusk
  • Mountain Blizzarioths
  • Tigrex Claws
  • Ashigara Axes
  • Gnashing Flammenschild

Long Sword

The Long Sword is a popular choice among Monster Hunter fans throughout various games in the franchise. The weapon is perfect for dishing out strong attacks due to its high damage output. While the long sword may be a bit technical to master, some practice might make it the perfect weapon to choose in Monster Hunter Rise.

The Long Sword can allow players to attack players from a long range, and these attacks can impale many intimidating monsters effortlessly with its blade. Players can dish out tremendous damage by filling up the spirit gauge that increases after performing combos.

  • Allows Long-Ranged attacks.
  • Decent Attack Speed and Mobility.
  • Combo Attacks can be performed easily.
  • Great Damage Output.
  • Spirit gauge can increase damage significantly.
  • Great for counter-attacking monsters.
  • Combos and Spirit gauge might require practice to master.
  • The Weapon might be slower to beat fast and furious monsters.
  • Attacks must be dealt with precision.

Best Long Swords

  • Despot Boltbreaker
  • Tamonowo
  • Wyvern Blade Maple
  • Great Demon Halberd
  • Abyssal Great Sword

Great Sword

The Great sword packs immense power and can inflict massive damage with a single hit. However, the mobility of the Great Sword is low, and using it might be challenging against many bosses.

It works better if you time an enemy’s attack and hit when you see an opening and then retreat.

Getting used to the Great Sword would require patience and practice, but the high damage output makes it worth it. The Great sword has the most incredible damage compared to all other weapons.

Moreover, Players can further inflict immense damage with its charge attacks. Players can also use the Great sword as a shield because of its sharpness.

  • Highest damage output.
  • Charge attacks inflict massive damage.
  • A single hit may decimate weaker monsters.
  • It can be used as a shield.
  • Low mobility.
  • Attacks must be appropriately timed.

Best Greatswords

  • Abysal Galeblade
  • Daora’s Decimator
  • Roguish Deathcap
  • Sinister Shadowblade
  • Rathalos Firesword


Monster hunter rise weapons tier list

These weapons are second to none and are a great choice to use against various monsters.

Sword and Shield

The Sword and Shield are an iconic pair and a great weapon in Monster Hunter Rise. The weapon can allow you to attack consistently with the capability to protect yourself from dangerous Monsters. The blade can damage monsters rapidly with the second-highest mobility in Monster Hunter weapons.

The Sword and Shield move set consists of sword attacks with an occasional shield attack. The weapon is not good at inflicting significant damage, but it’s still a great choice in our Monster Hunter Rise weapon tier list. The weapon can be a good choice for beginners who can shield themselves from monsters.

  •  You can use Items without sheathing your sword, allowing you to use heal and buff items.
  • Falling Bash and Perfect Rush Combo can inflict immense damage.
  • High Elemental damage and Status inflicting capabilities.
  •  Decent attack and block abilities.
  • Average damage output.
  • Short-ranged attacks.
  • Sharpness depletes quickly.

Best Sword and Shields

  • Gnashing Flammensucher
  • Chef’s Knife
  • Burly Beak
  • Queen Rapier
  • Venomedge


The mighty Hammer is a hard-hitting weapon and can crush dangerous monsters. Despite being a heavy weapon, the mobility is excellent, and players would not be hampered by poor attack speed. The Hammer is one of the best weapons for beginners in Monster Hunter Rise.

The Hammer has excellent damage-dealing capabilities with its high damage output. With its heavy attacks, the hammer can stun the monsters allowing you to take down monsters easily.

The Hammer can only deal blunt damage and therefore cannot cut the monsters to inflict severe damage.

  • Can stun enemies.
  • Good mobility despite the weight.
  • Beginner friendly.
  • Reduces the monster’s stamina.
  • Amazing charge attacks.
  • Short ranged attacks.
  • Timings must be practiced to attack monsters with precision.
  • Inability to inflict severing.

Best Hammers

  • Abominable Hammer
  • Datura Club
  • Despot’s Crackle
  • Sinister Shade Hammer
  • Gargwa Hammer

Heavy Bowgun

The Heavy Bowgun is one of the most powerful weapons with its high damage output. The weapon can shoot down monsters with its explosive ammunition. Players can make a fantastic heavy bowgun build with various ammunitions of different elements.

The ammunition can be used to inflict cut damage in addition to blunt damage. Moreover, some ammo types would also allow support, including healing and defense. The weapon has a good range, but low mobility may make it harder to dodge attacks.

  • Tremendous damage with explosive ammo.
  • Provides support functions with suitable ammo.
  • Various build choices with different elements.
  • A good range to attack monsters.
  • Low mobility while dodging.
  • Limited ammo capacity.
  • Slow speed during sheathing.

Best Heavy Bowguns

  • Tigrex Skull
  • Reversal Barrage
  • Diablazooka
  • Rajang’s Rage
  • Teostra‘s Flames


Monster Hunter Rise Weapons

These are great weapons in Monster Hunter Rise with a few limitations. Some of them have good support functions during multiplayer gameplay.

Hunting Horn

The Hunting Horn is another blunt weapon known for its hard hits. In addition to inflicting good damage, players can also use it to buff their allies and remove status effects. Due to its support capabilities, the Hunting Horn is an excellent choice to use in Multiplayer.

In addition to its great damage output, the Hunting Horn has a long reach compared to the Hammer. Moreover, you can also cut the monsters by using the hilt/stab attack despite the weapon being blunt. The movement speed of the Hunting horn can be improved greatly with its support functions.

  • Provides various useful buffs to all your allies.
  • It can cut despite being a blunt weapon.
  • Great damaging abilities.
  • Great mobility while using a buff.
  • Sonic waves deal great damage.
  • The Magnificent Trio ability would allow players to play all the songs together for support.
  • Slow animations that leave you vulnerable.
  • Less precision while attacking.
  • Buffs stay for a limited time.
  • Cannot block monster attacks.

Best Hunting Horns

  • Bombadgy’s Cry
  • Magia Charmbell
  • Bazelreid Rookslayer
  • Denden Doomsounder
  • Vicello Uno Black


Gunlance has strong defensive capabilities and can shield against monsters. Moreover, it packs a great punch with its explosive firing attacks. Players can also get a decent range with the Gunlance, and the weapon is great for countering Monster’s attacks.

Gunlance has a unique move named “Wyvern’s Fire” that can inflict massive amounts of damage. However, it might seem a bit tedious to wait for it to recharge.

The Gunlance, with its offensive and defensive capabilities, is one of the best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise.

  • Strong shielding abilities.
  • You can shoot the monsters with shells.
  • Wyvern Fire is a strong damaging move.
  • Interesting combos
  • Great attacking direction.
  • Shelling would reduce sharpness significantly.
  • Players cannot pierce through a monster.

Best Gunlances

  • Crimson Rook
  • Mythic Kadachi Striker
  • Sinister Shadowshot
  • Venomous Attar
  • Bazel Destroyer

Switch Axe

Switch Axe is an excellent weapon, and like us, you too may place the weapon in the same Monster Hunter Rise tier list rank due to its great range and mobility. The weapon is interesting to use, and players can have a diverse combat experience as the switch axe features two forms. You can either use the weapon in its axe or sword form.

To enhance the capabilities of the Switch Axe, the players can use phials to improve the weapon greatly. Though, the weapon is more suitable for offense rather than defense due to its powerful attacks. The Axe mode can inflict massive amounts of damage, while players can switch to the sword mode if they prefer faster attacks.

  • Interesting playstyle, including the sword and axe modes.
  • Amazing damage output.
  • Phials can boost abilities significantly.
  • Great for combos.
  • Great elemental damage capabilities.
  • Loses sharpness at a rapid rate.
  • Cannot block’s opponent attacks.
  • It might leave you open and vulnerable to damage after some attacks.

Best Switch Axes

  • Rath Blaze Splitter
  • Abyssal Gale Axe
  • Sinister Shadowslice
  • Rex Gnasher
  • Grand Chaos

Insect Glaive

The Insect Glaive is an amazing choice, especially for airborne attacks. Players can carry out rapid attacks from various angles. The weapon also possesses great range making the Insect Glaive one of the best weapons in Monster Hunter Rise when it comes to reaching.

In addition to the great attacking range, the Insect Glaive can also be used for various buffs. Various Kinsects can be purchased from the blacksmith to perform various functions. The Kinsects can boost your capabilities significantly.

  • Players can attack monsters from various angles.
  • Great for airborne attacks.
  • Good range.
  • Fast attack speed.
  • Need to have decent Kinsects in inventory.
  • More suitable for veterans familiar with Kinsects.
  • Cannot block monster’s attacks.
  • Buffs are limited in duration.

Best Insect Glaives

  • Garamorse
  • Magia Crescent
  • Watercolor Glaive
  • Sinister Shadowstaff
  • Metalmangler



These weapons are ranked lower in the Monster Hunter Rise weapons tier list due to their limited potential and large investment requirements. Only choose them if they are suitable for your playstyle.


The Lance features a long blade that can attack monsters from a great range. Moreover, the Lance would also provide great defense along with its good damage output. Lance weapons have amazing block capabilities in Monster Hunter Rise.

The pointy blade would allow you to make precise hits to damage a monster’s weak point. Moreover, it allows players to counterattack easily.

Though, using a Lance might require much more practice as the attack speed is low, and mastering its poking attack style with the pointy blade might be tough for rookies.

Advantages Long Ranged Attacks.

Precise attacks with a pointy tip.

Charge attack can damage multiple times.

Can block monster’s attacks efficiently.

Great for both offense and defense.

Disadvantages Poking attack style is hard to master.

Low mobility.

Lots of practice is required to gain consistency.


Best Lances

  • Bazel Myniad Lance
  • Sinister Shadespear
  • Despot’s Cacophony
  • Diablos Spear
  • Tigrex Lance

Charge Blade

Charge Blade is a great versatile weapon that has two modes, each affecting gameplay significantly. The sword and shield mode can provide players with great defense and offensive options. The powerful axe mode can inflict tremendous damage and is good for long-ranged attacks.

Players might face low attack speed during the axe mode, but it is still highly lethal. The Charge Blade would have great attack speed during the sword and shield mode. Moreover, players can defend themselves against various monsters.

  • The Axe mode can inflict massive damage.
  • Great offense and defense options.
  • Sword mode can charge energy phials that can increase the potential of the Axe significantly.
  • Less mobility in Axe mode.
  • Axe depends on phials charge up to inflict high damage.

Best Charge Blades

  • Dragonsong
  • Infected Veil
  • Clutch of the Deep
  • Stunning Axe
  • Cera Strongarm


The Bow is a decent weapon if you want to damage monsters from far away. Attacking from a distance would keep you safer from Monster’s attacks. Late-game bows are good at damage dealing. However, bows inflict poor damage during the early game.

The Bow has great mobility, and players can shoot out arrows without worrying about ammo. The weapon can also inflict great elemental damage. However, to increase the damage, further investments need to be made to your bow.

  • Great attack speed.
  • Long range.
  • No ammo limitations.
  • Suitable for elemental damage.
  • Low damage in the early game.
  • Stamina will deplete if you charge up your attacks.
  • Great investments are required to boost capabilities.

Best Bows

  • Abyssal Gale Bow
  • Sinister Soulpiercer
  • Porifera Bow
  • Flaming Rage Bow
  • Beastking Thunderbow

Light Bowgun

The Light Bowgun is a great choice, especially if you want to inflict elemental damage and status effects. The weapon has a good range, and various types of ammunition can be obtained. This Ammunition can be used in various conditions and against certain monsters weak to them.

The Light Bowgun has a much greater attack speed than the heavy bowgun. Moreover, the light bowgun can also act as great support during a multiplayer game with allies.

However, when it comes to damage dealing, the light bowgun has a low damage output, so it is ranked in our C-tier Monster Hunter Rise tier list.

  • Various choices for ammunition.
  • Great mobility.
  • Great range.
  • It can act as a great support weapon.
  • Good elemental damage and status effect inflicting capabilities.
  • Low damage output.
  • Lots of resources are needed to upgrade the weapon to increase damage.

Best Light Bowguns

  • Abominable Bowgun
  • Valkyrie Blaze
  • Ten Thousand Volts
  • Daora’s Hornet
  • Furious Flammenkanone

Monster Hunter Rise Tier List Criteria

The Monster Hunter Rise weapons tier list was created after thorough research into each weapon’s abilities and functionalities. Weapons with higher damage output and fewer limitations are ranked higher, while weapons with limited potential that require large investments and resources to build are ranked lower.

Players’ experience with the weapons and opinions on various forums were also considered. Our team strives to create the most unbiased tier list based on stats and figures. 

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