Monster Hunter Rise has sold over 12 million units worldwide.


  • Monster Hunter Rise sold 12 million copies worldwide.
  • The team has acknowledged this and released some artwork.
  • Shortly after this announcement, they revealed a new minor patch for PlayStation users.

When it was released in 2021, Monster Hunter Rise took the world by storm. Excited Gameplay and unique mechanics. This is the sixth mainline installment in the series, and like many games with sequels, it’s nothing Monster Hunter fans have ever seen before.

When it was released, the game sold 5 million copies in just one week, indicating that the game was a huge success, and had a huge impact on the community. Prominent. This can be easily proven by the constant updates and copies sold throughout the year.

With everything going strong for Monster Hunter Rise, it was only time for him to break another record and sell more. 12 million copies worldwide.

When the milestone was reached, the team released some artwork featuring Kamura and thanked his players for the growing fan base and for sticking with him on his planned journey.

Soon after the team crossed this amazing milestone, they went straight back to work to further improve the current state of the game. And so they made a new discovery. A minor patch Coming to PlayStation.

The patch targets some kind of memory-based error. This error may occur whenever you try to load your character data in the game. They also provide a solution to this error, which is simple. Delete any conflicting data and move on..

This mistake is beautiful. ordinary And the game didn’t need to go through any massive changes, just a few tweaks, and it was all good. The fact that the team went back to work immediately after the news of their new milestone shows the love they have for the game they’ve created.

The game is doing very well in its reviews and is being updated frequently. Looking at the current popularity of the game and the loyal team working tirelessly behind it, we can expect Monster Hunter Rise to break another record very soon.

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