Minecraft Legends Villager Chest [Explained]


In Minecraft Legends, players can find rustic chest” I fountain, Each is located in the center of the village. These chests contain valuables and are refillable. Villager At the beginning of a new day.

Key takeaways

  • Minecraft Legends villager chests contain many valuable resources and crafting supplies.
  • Players can get them from The fountain In any village
  • Besides that, Equipment At the start of a new day the inside of the “village chest” is filled.
  • Keep in mind, if The fountain If it is destroyed, the “village chest” will also be destroyed.
  • going to every village to open Chest This is a tough task, players can prepare for it. Improvements: Common villager chest.
  • This chest allows players to obtain All Village chests from all villages together.

Important: Make sure you don’t. loss Fountain or you may lose all the loot inside. Village chest.

How to get villager chest in minecraft legends

  • Players can find many. The villages Around the world in Minecraft Legends.
Minecraft Legends Village
Many villages in Minecraft Legends | Image credit: Exporter
  • In the center of every village, there is one. The fountain Players can get Village chest From this point
Minecraft Legends Villager Chest
A rustic chest Photo by eXputer
  • Players can interact with these “Village Chests” to obtain valuable resources.
  • In addition, these chests are filled with more valuable resources. Villager At the beginning of a new day.
  • Keep in mind, if The fountain If the village is damaged, players will lose the Villager Chest of that village.
  • Also, what players can check out references A village can be accessed by hovering over its icon. world map.

Developing Improvements: Shared Village Chests

  • Since visiting each village to get the chest is a difficult task, players can craft it. Improvements: Common villager chest Instead
  • This chest allows players to loot. everyone From each in the villager’s bosom Village

Materials required

Players will need The following content to prepare Improvements: Common villager chest.

  • 25 Iron
  • 25 Coal
  • 25 diamonds
  • 25 red stones
  • 100 stone
  • 100 Prizmrin


Minecraft Legends is a spin-off of the popular and beloved original Minecraft. It’s a strategy game with a decently large world to explore. Also features Minecraft Legends. Online supportunlocking the game for a wild ride of fun with your friends.

And there you have it; With our guide on Minecraft Legends: Villager Chests, players will be able to get all kinds of valuable resources thanks to hardworking villagers.

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