Minecraft Legends: How to Unlock First Stone


Minecraft Legends The first stone One of the most legendary mobs you can find. The mythical crowd is collectively called “the first“Mobs These are all powerful mobs that are extremely useful in the fight against Pagans.

Before starting: You must complete the Night Beacon quest and learn the Improvement: Wake Up First before you can start looking for one of “The First” mobs.

Key takeaways

  • Minecraft Legends The first stone The legend is one of the crowd.
  • Players need to complete “Night BeaconBefore they could open it.
  • Players may not get the first stone in a specific location.
  • They can find the first part of the stone. Meadows biome But they must look hard enough to find it.
  • Players need “Improvement: Wake Up First”, 100x GoldAnd 500x stones.

Where to find the first stone

Unfortunately, none of the “first” units can ever be precisely located. This is because Minecraft Legends uses randomization. Because of randomness, anything and everything originates in random places. So you won’t find Minecraft Legends First of Stone in a specific location.

However, you can find it in a specific biome. All regions are classified as a specific biome and each biome has its own specific qualities. The first stone can be found in “Grass field“Biome. But as mentioned before, the spawn point is purely random so you’ll have to search a lot to find it.

How to unlock the first stone.

The first to open the stone
The first stone after you collect it.

As mentioned earlier, players must complete the quest and unlock the Night Beacon.Improvement: Wake up earlier.Being able to find the “first” of the crowd. To be able to unlock them, improvement is necessary. Without it, you cannot collect them and therefore you will be unable to use them in battle.

You also need a certain amount of materials to collect them. The following are required to unlock First of Stone.

  • Improvement: Get up earlier
  • 100x Gold
  • 500x stones

Important: Unlocking First of Stone is very useful as it is a very powerful mob. It can tank most attacks and doesn’t go down as easily. It also has a lot of attack power so it is generally useful against enemies.


Minecraft Legends First of Stone is a powerful ally in your team. The first stone is one of the 4 legendary mobs. Collecting them is a must if you’re trying to unlock every Minecraft Legends achievement. All of them are very useful so it is recommended that you unlock all of them.

“First” mobs are randomly scattered around the map. You will need to find them in specific biomes. For maximum performance, setting up wheelhouses and using fast travel is recommended. You can find the first stone in the Meadows biome. Also, you must have “Improvement: Wake Up First”, 100x Prismarine, and 500x Stone to unlock it.


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