Minecraft Legends: How To Beat Night Beacon Base


gave Night Beacon Base One of the first enemy bases you’ll encounter in Minecraft Legends, you’ll be faced with cunning pugilists who will come to destroy your world. So, make sure to fight them properly and effectively neutralize the threat of progression in the game.

Key takeaways

  • gave Night Beacon Base The first is the Puglin’s Sage you’ll encounter. Minecraft Legends.
  • As soon as the campaign begins, a strange portal will open that will expand. Pigeons to destroy Overworld.
  • To defeat Night Beacon, you must create an army of various creatures, including Skeletons, Zombies, CreepersAnd The golems.
  • Once your army is ready, start breaking down the doors. A walled fort And destroy the enemy barracks.
  • Once you breach the door, start moving towards it. The nether portalbut be sure to eliminate any troublesome buildings in the way.
  • If your army is getting weak, you can ride back to your base for reinforcements. This way, you can create multiple waves of allied troops that will help you destroy the portal.
  • As you move forward, destroy all Pagan Until you reach the portal and destroy it.

Night Beacon Base

Minecraft Legends Night Beacon Base
Night Beacon Base

to conquer Night Beacon Base The first challenging mission of the game is the campaign, in which you have to fight. Pigeons And destroy the base portal to end the cursed night. The portal is heavily guarded by enemies and is well defended. However, you have an army of your own to effectively push back your opponents who try to attack. Overworld.

To save your world, Minecraft Lets you build your own army consisting of The skeleton, Zombie squadsAnd Reptiles Which can be added to your reinforcement. Having the support of allies makes the battle fair and fair, but if you don’t follow the right strategy, you can be attacked. Pigeons. So, make sure you lead your army right and destroy your enemies to maintain peace.

How to beat Night Beacon Base

Destroy the portal.
Beat the Night Beacon

To destroy the Night Beacon Base Portal, you need to act smart and create multiple waves of allied forces that continuously attack the Portal Base. You should adopt the strategy of building a strong army with all kinds of troops. gave The skeleton There are ranged units that will target enemies from a distance, while Zombie There are melee warriors who will make up the front line-up.

Breach the gates.

During the siege, your main objective should be to get through one of its gates. A walled fortas you have to break to access the main. The portal. So, start building your army with different creatures, and send them all to a certain gate. One thing to keep in mind is that you can only lead. 25 soldiers At a time with the banner.

Minecraft Legends Night Beacon Base
Spawn Reinforcement

Once your banner troops are ready, start running towards the gate and finish off any Paglin Barracks in the way. to destroy Barracks And Rod Towers Pagan will significantly affect troops and weaken their attacks. While your army is attacking the enemies and trying to break down the gates, you can help them by riding back to the camps and recruiting more. Crowds.

This way, you can create multiple lineups that will follow your orders and attack the Pagan camps. You can continue sending troops until you manage to break through the door and reach the main. The portal.

Important: As you transgress. A walled fort Be sure to hit the gates Hog money boss First of all targets to destroy the enemies defensive line-up.

Rush the nether portal

Once you get through the doors, you’ll be tempted to head straight for the door. The portal And destroy it, but you must be strategic here. To make things easier for you, eliminate the enemy barracks first and unlock everyone. The cages Which can give you extra mobs to help. The portal is guarded by high-firing towers. These towers shoot projectiles that can easily decimate and weaken your army.

Attack the Pigeons.
Destroy the nether portal. [Image Credits: Pixlriffs]

So, try to target High towers The first one can distract your allies while attacking the main. The portal. As you get closer to the portal, the waves of enemies will become stronger and stronger, which you will have to separate. Now it’s time for you to lead your army and fight all the enemy waves. Once you see the enemy line up breaking, charge towards the portal with your troops and destroy it.

Additional tips to follow

If you follow the strategy correctly, you will be able to beat the base easily. To help you further, here are some more tips and tricks that you can follow to fight your opponents flawlessly.

Get to the portal quickly.

Pigeons spawn endlessly from the portal, and there’s no way to stop it. So, make sure to breach the door and attack the portal. as soon as possibleor Pagan’s army will only grow with time.

Provide regular reinforcement

To effectively fight your opponents, you need to build a strong and numerous army. So, whenever you feel your army is breaking down, don’t hesitate to return to the camp to gather more reinforcements. Also, make sure to add something The golems Also, it will help your troops by healing them during battle.

Organize the forces.

To effectively fight the Pagans during battle, you must organize your army to crush your opponents from all sides. You can send Reptiles To hit the main portal, while The skeleton And Zombie Can target Giant Money Hog and High Towers.

Protect against portal invaders.

Your main objective is to destroy the portal, so be sure to support the soldiers attacking the portal as they are doing important work. If things are going south, send in more reinforcements and attack with more force until you see the portal split.


This summarizes our guide on how to beat Night Beacon Base. Minecraft Legends. The base can be destroyed without any problems if you build a decent army and attack properly. If you have just started the game, you can check Minecraft Legends review to know how the game is rated by the community. Also, if you’re a classic Minecraft fan, be sure to check out our related guides as well.


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