Minecraft Legends gets an April release date with the PvP gameplay revealed.


Minecraft Legends To be released later this year on April 18, Mojang announced. at the Developer_Direct event earlier today, along with details about the game’s PvP gameplay.

Four players on horses from Minecraft Legends game

Originally announced in June last year, Minecraft Legends Being developed by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive, the latter has experience developing popular strategy titles such as Homeworld: Deserts of Khark And to come Homeworld 3 — Remarkable, viz Minecraft Legends There is an action strategy spin-off set in the familiar Blocky. Minecraft Universe

There’s an online co-op story-driven campaign where you must reclaim the overworld from the Pigeon invasion with the help of new and familiar mobs, as well as 4v4 PvP battles in a procedurally generated world.

Piglins will also indiscriminately attack both teams in PvP – but they’re a necessary nuisance because they drop items that help you upgrade. However, to win the game, players must strategize how to attack the paglins and destroy the enemy team’s base, as well as find resources and hidden treasures.

There’s also an element of base building, but not quite as much as players might be used to in Minecraft, as it’s more about placing traps, walls, doors and towers than aesthetics. “Each game is a new scene, and different environmental challenges,” explains Blackbird Interactive producer Lee Pedersen. A tower can be built for You’ll have to really tune your strategy based on what the world is throwing at you.

As for attacking the other team’s base, you’ll command a mob army. “Creepers are always explosive, but now you have the ability to actually use a creeper. […] and point it to go in a certain direction,” explains Minecraft Legends Executive Producer Dennis Reese. Along with several new mobs, skeletons, zombies, and other familiar mobs are also with you.

A screenshot from Minecraft Legends showing a base and a swarm of mobs planning an attack.

Minecraft Legends As part of Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on day one, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch, and will support cross-platform play.


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