Minecraft Legends: Diamonds [Locations, Farming, Uses]


Minecraft Legends Diamonds are one of the most important resources found in the game. They can be used in different ways. I mainly used diamonds to fight skeletons. Pigeons Or use them to build. Frost Towers. Finding diamonds in Minecraft Legends is not as difficult as in Minecraft, but still, many players may struggle with them.

Key takeaways

  • Diamonds Minecraft Legends is a valuable resource.
  • There are two ways to get diamonds. Minecraft Legends:
    1. Farming on diamond deposits
    2. Village chests
  • Can be found in diamond biomes Tundra And Braided braids.
  • To farm diamonds, players have to craft diamonds. Collect Diamond Improvements..
  • Building Gather Diamond needs improvement:
  • Diamonds can be used to unlock:
    • The skeleton
    • Frost Towers
    • Oak’s first
    • Spyglass Overlook

How to get diamonds

Currently, Minecraft Legends Diamonds This can be achieved in the following ways:

  • Cultivation of diamonds with the help of Allays From diamond deposits
  • Getting diamonds from Village chests.

The first way to get diamonds is to mine them from diamond deposits, but this is not as easy as it seems. Certain conditions are required for the cultivation of diamonds in diamond deposits.


So far, there are only two biomes where I have found diamond deposits. These biomes are:


Tundra is an icy biome in Minecraft Legends. It is a cold biome covered in snow and ice. Some slender and tall trees, mostly spruce and birch, and some grasses and flowers can survive there. Streams in the tundra are frozen at the sides, but they can still flow in the middle. Some animals that can live in the cold, such as polar bears, rabbits, foxes and wolves, are found there.

Tundra [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]

Tundra There is a rich source of diamonds, and many diamond deposits can easily be found in the tundra. I explored the tundra biome for diamond deposits and began mining diamonds using their tool. In addition to diamonds, other resources such as wood, stone, iron, coal, and redstone can also be found in the tundra.

Braided braids

Jagged Peaks is another biome where I can get my hands on diamond deposits. Unlike the tundra, it is not a simple biome but is dominated by large and steep mountains. I found a lot of diamond deposits in the jagged peaks, but climbing all those mountains is quite a pain.

For this reason, it is more comfortable to find diamond deposits in the tundra than in jagged ridges. However, other resources such as timber, stone, iron and coal can also be found in the mountainous regions of Jagged Peaks.

Braided braids
Braided braids [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]

Farming diamonds

Now that I’ve bought it. Extraction upgrade Know the locations of resources and deposits, all you have to do is start mining diamonds. To grow diamonds, follow the step-by-step process, which is explained below:

  • Before you can start farming diamonds, you must create an improvement center.
  • Center for improvement: An improvement center is a structure that can be built at this location. Family of Fate. It allows us to unlock and upgrade various improvements such as gathering, building and combat.
Center for improvement
Center for improvement [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  • Once the focus of improvement is established, the next step is to build the improvement, Collect diamonds..
  • Improvements to Gather Diamond will cost the following resources:
    • stone:100
    • Prismarine:100
Collect improvement diamonds.
Collect Diamond Improvements. [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  • Now that the improvement building is complete, the next step is to mine the diamonds.
  • You can visit the Tundra and Jagged Peak biomes to find diamond deposits.
Diamond deposits on jagged ridges
Diamond deposits on jagged ridges [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
  • Position yourself at these deposits, and they’ll start collecting diamonds for you, no matter what part of the overworld you’re in.
  • Collected diamonds will be grown in the Improvement Hub you create.
  • However, one enhancement can only store 150 diamonds, so you’ll need to build more Diamond Enhancements to store more diamonds.

Village chests

Another way to get your hands on diamonds is to look for them inside. village chests, As I found the villagers protecting him Pigeons. They store items in the village chest as a token of appreciation for us. However, this is a very inefficient method as the number of diamonds found in these chests can be very small.

Village chest
Village chest [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]

Uses of Diamonds

Diamonds Can be used for multiple purposes in Minecraft Legends. However, the most useful purpose of diamonds is to create skeletons using diamonds. Using diamonds, I built one skeleton spawner, which can be used to summon skeletons. The skeleton 12 are one of the admirable mobs and the most powerful ranged units in Minecraft Legends. I can use skeletons to fight Piglins without hurting myself. However, skeletons are vulnerable to melee attacks.

In addition to creating skeletons, diamonds can also be used to open:

  • Frost Tower
  • Oak’s first
  • Spyglass Overlook


This guide covers all the ways to get Minecraft Legends Diamonds. They are very important resources in the game, although not very rare but unusual to obtain. Diamonds I Minecraft Legends Used to create skeletons that help you eliminate. Pigeons. In addition, they can also be used for construction Frost Towers Which can give you the upper hand during the fight with the paglins.

Now that you know how to farm diamonds if you’re running out of resources like lapis and struggling to find them, check out our detailed guide on lapis farming. Also, don’t forget to check out our guide on Power Towers, as it can help you build more defensive structures.


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