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Minecraft Legends is the latest installment in the Minecraft universe. It adds an RPG touch to Minecraft where you have to save the world. Players get help from various NPCs in Minecraft. Ales are among the most important NPCs in Minecraft Legends because they help you a lot.

Important: Mastering Allays will help you focus more on other tasks than collecting resources.

Key takeaways

  • Players can earn through Allays. Two different ways In Minecraft Legends.
  • The first method involves searching. Ale in the chest throughout the game.
  • Another way is to go through them. Improvements: Tools galore.
  • To improve: Abundant tools, you will need. 100 stone, 50 PrizmrinAnd 10 gold.
  • It is not confirmed if you will get Elias from chests. But you will find it 2 The builder And 2 collection tools Improved by: Abundant Tools.

What are Alleys in Minecraft Legends?

Alleys are available soon in Minecraft Legends. They are your builders and collectors in the game. They will collect the various resources assigned to you. And if you order them to build, they will build different structures for you.

Ale is helping creatures in Minecraft Legends.
Allies are a great quality of life feature. [Image Credits: eXputer]

How to get more Allays?

Now the question arises, where will you get Alois? To answer this, there are a few different ways you can find Alleys in Minecraft.

  • Found in the breasts.
  • Going through building improvements

Through the breasts

The easiest way and the one you will find right away in Minecraft Legends is through chests. Chests in the game will have lots of resources. you will get iron, Red stoneLapis, and a ton of other resources.

These chests often contain some valuable items as well. Some of the chests you come across while exploring the overworld will contain ale. Now the chests that Allays are in are. Quite rare And you won’t meet them very often. So, it’s better to rely on other methods instead of searching for them in chests.

Through building improvements

There is another method which is more reliable than the first method. And that is from getting Abundant Allays improvement. Abundant Alleys is an improvement that you will have to unlock in the well. Each of these improvements will give you. Create 2 Allays and collect the 2 Allays.. Its construction will cost the following resources.

  • 100x stones
  • 50x Prizmarin
  • 10x Gold
Improvements: Tools galore
Get more ale with Abundant Ale Improvement. [Image Credits: eXputer]

While this is a great option, remember, you will have to spend a lot of Prismarine to get this upgrade. So, while this is a great option in the early game, it’s better to focus on other methods rather than relying on building improvements.

Uses Allay

Now the ales themselves are quite useful for the players. Without them, your life would be a lot more painful as you would have to do everything manually. There is Two uses of Allays. One is gathering resources and the other is building structures.

Collecting resources

Without Allays, you’ll have to spend a ton of time collecting various resources. With the way the Minecraft world is, you’ll spend a ton of time on them and still, not get enough resources.

Collecting resources.
Helps gather resources. [Image Credits: eXputer]

But Elias makes it very easy for you. You can lead them to a specific area where they will collect resources. These alloys will do this automatically, without you having to command them to do so. And if you leave the area on a quest to destroy all the Piglins basses, you can leave and Allays will continue to collect resources.

Building structures

This makes Minecraft Legends much easier for players as now players can spend less time. Like collecting resources, building structures can be difficult. If you misplace a block, the entire building will be ruined. For this reason, elves can be quite helpful and players rely on them.

Building with Allays.
Allays will create different structures for you. [Image Credits: eXputer]

You can make Allays work. Construction of various structures And they will destroy them in seconds. An alley is assigned the function of a structure so depending on the number of alleys you have; You can build a ton of structures in a village. With them, you can build towers and also defend the village.

Last words

Accordingly Subreddit post, The Alleys in Minecraft Legends are much better than the original Minecraft. They help you gather resources while leaving you free to save the world. Not only that, you won’t even have to spend time building structures for the villagers. Elise can be considered one of the best quality of life upgrades in the game.

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