Minecraft Legends All Mounts: Location and Abilities


Minecraft Legends Comes with endless adventures and multiple biomes to explore. As you will be excited to explore every part of the land, it will be difficult to explore all the places with bare feet. Therefore, Minecraft Legends has a variety of mounts that help you travel. Overworld And explore the mysterious places inside. There are different types of mounts available, and each comes with its own. Advantages and disadvantages. So, make sure to know the abilities of each mount to use according to the situation.

Key takeaways

  • the mountain It’s crowded. Minecraft which you can use to move around and around the overworld.
  • There are four types of mounts in Minecraft Legends. horse, The Magnificent Beetle, big peak, And Regal Tiger.
  • gave horse There is a default mount that you get for free at the start of the game to start your journey in the Minecraft world.
  • gave The Magnificent Beetle A slow-motion mountain used for climbing vertical rocks and traveling through water. You can find Beetles in forest biomes.
  • gave Big beak There is a bird ride that lets you glide through the air and jump over huge obstacles. You can find large beak burrows in jagged ridges.
  • gave Regal Tiger Has the fastest moving mount in the game and is primarily used in battles due to its speed. You can find regal tigers’ dens in the Badlands and Dry Savanna biomes.
  • To switch your mounts, you need to approach the new mount and press the Swap button. You can fast travel to find your collected mounts. The virtue of good fortune. or village fountains

What are Mounts in Minecraft Legends?

Minecraft Legends Mounts
the mountain [Image by eXputer]

Mounts are familiar mounts that you can equip to travel to faraway places. Overworld. These items make your journey much easier and save you a lot of time. You can either use them to move around your camps or equip them in the meantime. The battles Puglins to fight the outposts and take them down.

Features of Minecraft Four different types of the mountains to support you during your fast adventures. Each mount offers a Unique ability which you can use to make your journey more efficient. You can find and unlock the following mounts in the game.

  • horse: All-time companion.
  • The Glorious Beetle: A wall climber
  • Big Peak: Fall damage savior
  • Royal Tiger: Fastest ride.

Important: You can get five different mounts. Skins Free if you buy the deluxe edition of the game.

How to unlock mounts

To find these four mountains, you have to go on a venture and Explore overworld lands.. Once you find the mount, you can press the equip button to mount it. If you want to change the mount, just go to the one you want to ride and press exchange button to change it.


The default mount
horse [Image by eXputer]

The horse is your starting mate, as it is. The first mountain which is given to you by the game. You will probably be riding a horse when you are confronted. Night Beacon Base. Although the horse looks a bit old-fashioned, it can still be useful as it can perform all the simple tasks without any problems.


The horse is the primary means of transportation and has no special abilities. Although it has no special skill, you can still use it. Explore different lands. With its decent cruising speed. You can also add a slight buff to the mount’s abilities by using some boosting items such as Speed ​​wheat And Bounce shrooms.


Once you start your adventure in Minecraft World, you will be given a free horse to start your journey.

The Magnificent Beetle

Minecraft Legends Mounts
The Magnificent Beetle [Image by eXputer]

gave The Magnificent Beetle There is a slow mount that can be useful if used correctly. Although the Beetle is the slowest of all mounts, it is still the most useful tool to ride. With the help of bugs, you can reach almost any location in the Minecraft world. These bugs can help you explore rough areas of the overworld, eg Dry Savannah And Badlands.

Excellent Battle Ability

Fantastic battle location
Magnificent battle mount [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]

While installed on the Beetle, you can Climbing mountains And rocks, take one Swimming Within the reservoir, and High jump in the air Some places in Minecraft are a bit difficult to reach because they are blocked by some sort of obstacles. By using the beetle you can easily outrun anything that comes your way as it has the ability to fly or jump high on it. You can also use the Beetle to get past the Piglins’ defenses and capture them, the defenders.


You can find the Beetle in green. Forest biomes And deep in the forest. Within the forest, the beetle lives mostly in watery biomes, where you can find its nest around bodies of water. Once you see a nest, you can approach one. Beetroot You like and press mount button to hop on it.

Big beak

Minecraft Legends Mounts
Big beak [Image by eXputer]

Big beak Will come in handy whenever you want to travel through steep areas with multiple slopes and high jumps. The bird can take you to the sky and let you enjoy the view below while you overcome all the obstacles effortlessly. Can have a large beak Jump a lot Compared to the Beetle and can hover for longer periods of time.

Large beak capacity

Big beak
Large beak capacity [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]

This is the biggest advantage of riding a Big Buck. Prevents all types of fall damage.. Whenever you need to attack tall towers and tall structures, you can go to it. Big beak And jump fast to reach the top and come back without taking any damage from the fall.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are leading an army of mobs while riding this mountain, make sure not to jump from high places, as the bird will only save you from it. Falling damage But not your army.


Large beaks remain in most. The swamp And Braided braids. To find the bird, you need to do some searching around the Jagged Peaks biome in the Snowy Mountains. Big Buck’s base is usually on land, so you don’t have to worry about going into the high mountains in the biome.

Regal Tiger

Minecraft Legends Mounts
Regal Tiger [Image by eXputer]

Regal is the tiger. Fastest ride In sports, with sudden speed and high speed ability. This amount is best suited for exploring remote areas when you have to cross several biomes. You can also use Tiger in fights and battles as its fast running speed can help you surround and charge enemies.

Although the mount is fast, you need to be aware of steep edges and slopes as it won’t protect you from falling damage like the Beetle and Bird.

Regal Tiger Ability

Regal Tigers
Location of Regal Tigers [Image by eXputer]

Regal Tiger is a fast mount capable of Dash at high speed. Tiger is mostly used. The battles That’s when you have to be aggressive and charge at the paglins’ base. Since every second counts in battles, using fast riding can be really useful, especially when you need to get back. Camps To regenerate your army.


The regal tiger lives mostly. Badlands And Dry Savannah. Once you reach this area, start looking for a tiger den and approach one to climb it.

How to Switch Mounts

In the versatile world of Minecraft, you may need to ride different mounts in different situations. In this case, you should know how Change your mount And use the right one when needed. To swap a mount, all you have to do is switch to the new mount and press the swap button to swap your ride.

Now, once you have changed the mountainyou can always go back to the previous mount, as once you find a mount, You will not lose it. You can find all your collected mounts at The virtue of good luck. Or in Village fountains. All you have to do is fast travel to the area and get close to the mountain you want to ride.

Once you collect all types of mounts, you can travel to almost any terrain. Minecraft World. Whether it is a mountainous area with many ridges or a swamp with many lakes and ponds. You just need to choose the right type of ride to cross the area.


This concludes our guide. Minecraft Legends Mounts. If you want to explore deep lands and mysterious places in Minecraft, we recommend that you start your hunt by collecting all types of mounts, because they will help you in all kinds of situations.

Now that you’ve got all of your favorite mounts, be sure to learn how to build the wheelhouses. Also, you can learn how to switch teams on any platform including Nintendo, PS4, PS5, Xbox series, and PC. Finally, don’t forget to learn how to turn off the narrator in the game, as it can be quite annoying at times.


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