Minecraft: 12 Best Weapons You Should Get


Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game that allows players to build and explore virtual worlds. One of the key tools that players use to defend themselves and attack mobs are weapons.

The game offers a wide variety of weapons to its players. From medieval-looking swords to TNTs, Minecraft has it all to keep players engaged. And surely, with such vast options to choose from, players would need to know what is the best choice for a weapon in Minecraft that also goes along with their play style.

Minecraft Best Weapons Highlights

  • Netherite axe is the most powerful weapon in Minecraft, dealing five hearts damage without any enchantment.
  • The lava bucket can help the players escape from tricky situations and can be used to control the flow of lava.
  • Flint and steel can ignite any flammable block on fire, and the fire can spread to cause mayhem.
  • The loyalty enchantment on the trident allows the player to use it as a boomerang.
  • A single arrow from a bow deals damage proportional to its speed in the game.
  • With a 1.6 attack speed, the diamond sword proves to be a very effective weapon since diamonds are much more easily obtained than netherite.
  • If you get your hands on enough ancient debris, then a netherite sword proves to be a viable option with great damage as well attack speed.
  • A crossbow only lacks when it comes to attack speed, or else it offers greater damage, accuracy, and
  • more range as compared to the bow and arrow.
  • The undisputed best weapon for large Area Of Effect (AOE) damage is TNT.
  • Splash potions can be used for various effects, increasing the wild cards in your hands to allow for more strategic plays.
  • A diamond axe has lesser attack speed than a diamond sword but offers higher base damage.
  • The fishing rod’s damage is relatively low but it can be useful in certain situations opening the path for creative moves.

Netherite Axe

minecraft netherite axe
Netherite Axe – Image captured by us

Axes in Minecraft are in a league of their own. With the highest damage output in the whole game, the Netherite axe is surely the best weapon in Minecraft. Along with its use in combat, the axe is also used for hunting or even chopping down trees. In terms of damage, a single swing of the Netherite axe deals five hearts damage without any enchantment. This is the most damage a melee weapon can deal in Minecraft, and it is even more than the Netherite sword.

  • To craft a Netherite axe, you will need a Netherite ingot along with a diamond axe. Simply put these two in the smithing table, and you are good to go.
  • The Netherite axe deals the most damage of 10 points (5 hearts) with an attack speed of 1.
  • And the durability of the Netherite axe is 2031.
  • The damage of the Netherite axe in the bedrock edition is eight hearts.

Although the Netherite axe does lack in attack speed, the damage output makes up for it. Additionally, there is a chance of disabling shields when attacking a player equipped with it with an axe. This gives the Netherite axe another edge in Player v Player. Apart from that, the Netherite axe can also be critically hit, causing it to deal 50% additional damage.

The best axe enchantment for the Netherite axe to make it an unstoppable war machine is sharpness. This enchantment further amplifies the damage output of the axe.

Netherite is an ultra-rare, high-level material that can be found in the Nether dimension. Additionally, It is stronger and more durable than diamond. It can also upgrade diamond armor and tools to Netherite versions.

Ancient debris is mined in the nether, which, when burned in the furnace, gives us 2 Netherite scraps. And 4 Netherite scraps, along with four gold ingots, give us Netherite ingot. These ingots can be combined with any diamond weapon or armor to give us their Netherite version. The combination is done on the smithing table. The Netherite version or upgrade of any diamond item makes it far more durable and increases its overall stats. That is why Netherite items are always preferred over diamond items.


Trident Minecraft
Trident – Image by eXputer

The unique thing about the trident in Minecraft is that it is both a melee and a ranged weapon at the same time. This makes the trident a viable choice for a weapon in many situations. With a very high damage output and a variety of interesting enchantments, the trident is surely one of the best weapons in the game.

  • Introduced in the 1.13 update of Minecraft, tridents are non-craftable and can only be obtained from the drops of a drowned when it is killed.
  • The trident can deal 9 points (4.5 hearts) damage If used as a melee weapon.
  • Whereas it can deal 8 points of damage (4 hearts) if used as ranged.
  • The attack speed of the trident is 9.9 in melee mode. The trident has a durability of 250.

As we can see that the durability of the trident is very low, but the hybrid (both melee and ranged) attacks with decent damage make up for it. The trident can also critically damage 13.5 (6.75 hearts) in the java edition, making it the true monster of the seas.

There are some interesting choices for the enchantments available for the trident. Players can enchant the trident with loyalty so that it acts like a boomerang and returns to them after each throw. Or they can enchant it with riptide, to be like Aquaman in waterbodies or during rain.

Bow And Arrow

Minecraft bow
Bow [Image credits – eXputer] 

Next up in our list of best weapons in Minecraft is the bow and arrow. Although it is the simplest ranged weapon in the game, when used correctly, it can defeat the toughest of enemies/mobs. One of the main advantages of the bow is its versatility. It can be used to attack mobs from a distance, which is useful for players who prefer to play defensively. It can also be used to attack players in multiplayer mode, making it a popular choice in player-versus-player (PvP) combat.

  • To craft a bow in Minecraft, all you need are three sticks and three strings, place them on the crafting table according to its recipe, and viola.
  • Arrows can be crafted using a flint, stick, and a feather.
  • The drawback of bow and arrow is that the arrows need to be continuously crafted or retrieved, or they’ll run out, leaving you vulnerable in extreme situations.
  • A single arrow deals damage proportional to its speed in the game, which depends on how much the bow is charged.
  • When fired from a fully-charged unenchanted bow, arrows do 6 (3 hearts) of damage.
  • The durability of a bow is 384.

Bow and arrows can be crafted pretty early in the game, and they prove to be a handy weapon for survival as well as in PvP battles in Minecraft.   

When used correctly, a bow and arrow prove to be the most efficient weapon for many situations. Hunting of ghasts in the nether becomes a piece of cake if you are a master with bow and arrow. Also, when enchanted bows rival guns in real life. With fire charge enchantment, the arrow deals continuous damage upon hit, and infinity enchantment allows infinite arrows without needing to retrieve them. Additionally, the punch enchantment further amplifies the damage output.

Diamond Sword

diamond sword in minecraft
Diamond Sword [image by eXputer]

The diamond sword is considered by many players to be the best weapon in the game. And before the introduction of Netherite weapons, in the nether update, diamond weapons were the most powerful in the game too. But still, diamond swords are a viable choice as a main weapon since the damage output is pretty great, and farming diamonds isn’t that much of a hassle, unlike farming Netherite.

Although diamonds are rare and farming diamonds can be a little tough, once you get your hands on diamonds, the mobs in the game don’t seem that much of a threat, and it gets easier to survive.

  • Crafting a diamond sword is easy; just put two diamonds and one stick on the crafting table just like any other sword, and you get your powerful diamond sword.
  • One of the main advantages of the diamond sword is its high damage output. It does a base damage of 7 points (3.5 hearts), which is just 1 point (half a heart) lesser than the greatest damage possible by swords in the game.
  • It is also very durable, with a total of 1562 uses before it breaks.
  • Also, the attack speed of 1.6 is decent enough for back-to-back attacks on enemies.

This damage can also be increased further by enchantments. The best enchantment for a diamond sword is the Sharpness enchantment. This enchantment increases the damage output of the sword by 1 point for each level of the enchantment. The maximum level for the Sharpness enchantment is V, which means that a fully enchanted diamond sword does a total of 12 points (6 hearts) of damage.

Netherite Sword

Netherite sword
Netherite sword – image by eXputer

Next up in our list of best weapons in Minecraft is the Netherite sword. The Netherite sword is the nether upgrade to the diamond sword, and it makes the sword more durable and a little bit stronger. The Netherite sword is ranked lower than the diamond sword because, as mentioned earlier, farming Netherite is a hectic process, and it is not worth that much effort for such a little upgrade. Anyhow the overall damage is enough to mention the sword in the list of best and most powerful weapons in Minecraft.

  • To obtain the Netherite sword, you will need to upgrade the diamond sword in the smithing table along with a Netherite ingot.
  • The attack damage of the sword increases by half a point (8 hearts).
  • The durability also increases to 2031, which is almost a 30% increase.

The best enchantment for the sword, in our opinion, is the same as the diamond sword, which is sharpness which increases the damage output of the sword.

Flint and Steel

flint and steel
Flint and Steel [image by eXputer]

In Minecraft, Flint and steel are more than just a tool. If used properly, they can deal significant damage to both mobs and players in the game, and thus flint and steel are one of the best and most powerful weapons in Minecraft. Ignite fire constant visibility  Flint and steel a ground block on; if a mob or a player is standing on that block, they also catch fire. Fire deals great damage over some time, and catching fire also increases the visibility of the mob or the player, making them an easier target.

  • The flint and steel ignite any flammable block on fire, so the damage output depends on how many blocks catch fire.
  • The item has a durability of 64.
  • You can also enchant the flint and steel in the anvil.
  • The best enchantment for flint and steel in Minecraft would be mending, in our opinion, that would surely make it one of the best and most useful weapons in the game.

Flint and steel are also used to ignite the nether portal and open your way to an entirely different nether dimension. Also, flint and steel are the tools used to ignite TNTs to cause a massive area of effect damage. Furthermore, you can also force a creeper to explode using flint and steel and have some fun with a moving time bomb. Players can also ignite candles, cakes, and campfires in the game using flint and steel.

To craft flint and steel, all you need to do is place an iron ingot along with flint on the crafting table, and you are ready to light the world on fire.


Crossbow minecraft
Crossbow – Image credits: eXputer

The Crossbow is a ranged weapon that was introduced in the 1.14 update of Minecraft. It has a higher base output damage, more range, and higher accuracy as compared to the bow and arrow. The only drawback is the time taken to load the crossbow. And only because of this drawback is the crossbow ranked lower in the best weapons list in Minecraft. Due to more time taken to load the weapon, players are unable to escape risky situations in the game. Which in some cases may also take their lives.

  • It is made by combining three sticks, two strings, one iron ingot, and a tripwire hook in a crafting table.
  • It can shoot bolts that deal up to nine points of damage (four and a half hearts).
  • The load time of the weapon is 1.25 seconds, and the durability is 465 points.
  • Players can also shoot fireworks using the crossbow, which has a straight projectile.

Like many other weapons on the list, the crossbow can also be enchanted on the anvil. The most effective enchantment, in our opinion, would be quick charge and multi-shot. With the quick charge, you can overcome the only setback of the crossbow, which is its low attack speed. After which, it surely becomes one of the best weapons to hunt in Minecraft. Additionally, with multi-shot, you can fire a spread of 3 projectiles giving you some kind of AoE damage.


TNT in Minecraft is a ticking time bomb. It can be ignited by flint and steel, stray fire, or any flaming projectile, and after a short time, it goes KABOOM. The explosion is very powerful and can destroy many nearby blocks and deal significant damage to nearby players or mobs. It may not be a melee or a ranged weapon, but the damage output is so high that it makes its way to our best weapons in the Minecraft list.

To craft a TNT, you will need to place gunpowder along with sand on the crafting table. The explosion of each TNT is 4 points (2 hearts), but when multiple TNTs combine, they can create an explosion large enough to destroy a whole village in the game, as demonstrated by Mr. Beast when he tries to create the biggest explosion in Minecraft using TNTs.

Another use of TNTs is to clear out space for buildings in Minecraft. Since the explosion also destroys blocks, hence TNT proves to be an efficient way of leveling the area. TNTs in Minecraft cannot be enchanted, but a cart can be combined with a TNT to make a minecart with TNT.

Splash Potions

splash potion
Splash Potion (image by us)

In Minecraft, splash potions are a type of potion that can be thrown to affect entities within a certain radius. When thrown, the potion will break upon impact and create a “splash” effect, applying the potion’s effect to all entities within that radius.

Splash potions can be created by adding gunpowder to a regular potion in the brewing stand. Splash potions can be used for various effects such as harming, harming undead, healing, and inflicting status effects such as blindness, slowness, and nausea. They can also be used to affect players, mobs, and even boats and minecarts in the area of the splash. Splash potions are thrown by using the right click, just like throwing a snowball. 

Splash potions can be useful in a variety of situations in Minecraft:

  • Splash potion of harming can be used to take out a group of hostile mobs quickly.
  • Splash potion of healing can be used to heal a group of friendly players or mobs quickly.
  • Splash potions of weakness can also be used to make mobs weaker and easier to take down.
  • Additionally, splash potions of invisibility can be used to conceal yourself from mobs or other players.

Overall, splash potions can add an extra layer of strategy and utility to Minecraft gameplay and can be useful in a variety of situations.

Lava Bucket

Bucket of lava
Lava bucket – image by us

The lava bucket may just be a simple bucket filled with lava which most players might deem as useless. But when used as a weapon, the lava bucket deals a considerable amount of damage. Lava buckets can be used to fill the whole place with a pool of burning lava. This has a large area of effect, due to which lava buckets are surely one of the best weapons in the game.

A lava bucket can be obtained by crafting a bucket using iron ingots and then filling it with any source of lava. By the use of a lava bucket, you can control access to a large area. This can be invaluable in situations where you need to escape or find a quick shelter. You are controlling lava with the help of the lava bucket, just like the water bucket.

Although the lava bucket cannot be enchanted still, the ability to control lava is pretty remarkable and has a high damage output. If you have not tried yet, be sure to use the lava bucket to keep mobs off your territory.

Diamond Axe

minecraft diamond axe
Diamond Axe (image credits: eXputer)

In Minecraft, a diamond axe is a versatile tool that can be used for both mining and combat. As a weapon, the diamond axe has higher damage than the diamond sword but a lower attack speed. Lower attack speed is a big handicap in games like Minecraft, where a split-second move can decide your life. However, the highest damage output after Netherite weapons is of the diamond axe. And because of this, it reserves its spot among the best weapons to use in Minecraft.

  • The diamond axe can be crafted by placing three diamonds and two sticks on the crafting table.
  • Or it can be found as a rare loot drop from mobs or treasure chests.
  • Although, it is a bit expensive to craft due to the high cost of diamonds. But it is well worth it for its efficiency and durability.
  • In terms of combat, the diamond axe deals up to 9 damage points (or 4.5 hearts) of damage to enemies. This damage is just a little shy of the damage dealt by the diamond sword.
  • The diamond axe also has a durability of 1562 uses. This makes the diamond axe one of the most durable tools in the game.

Furthermore, the diamond axe can be enchanted with the Sharpness enchantment, which increases its damage output. Overall the diamond axe is a good all-around weapon that is strong and durable. But it may not be as effective in certain situations as other weapons like the trident or bow and arrow.

Fishing Rod

fishing rod in minecraft
Fishing Rod (image by us)

In Minecraft, a fishing rod can be used as a weapon in certain situations. When used as a weapon, a fishing rod can be cast and reeled in to deal damage to mobs or players. The fishing rod’s damage is relatively low, and it is not considered an efficient weapon, but it can be useful in certain situations.

When casting and reeling in a fishing rod, it will pull the entity towards the player, and it can be useful for pulling mobs out of hiding or for pulling other players closer for melee combat. For instance, you and an enemy mob are standing opposite each other on a ledge. Now, you can’t damage the mob unless you have some projectile weapon, in this case. You can just pull the mob towards you, and it will fall in the trench in between, which is pretty funny and effective.

It’s worth noting that using the fishing rod as a weapon may not be suitable for all game modes, and in some cases, it may be more effective to use other weapons, such as swords or bows. However, it can be an interesting and fun alternative way to fight mobs or players.


Minecraft has been around for a little over a decade now, with its initial release date tracing back to 2011. As far as its gameplay is concerned, the experience is as immersive as it gets. You take on enemies, build the world around you, and craft items with resources. In addition, this sandbox title even lets you enchant things. 

There are many different weapons to choose from in Minecraft, and each one has its strengths and weaknesses. The best weapon for you will depend on your playstyle and the situation you find yourself in. Whether you prefer to fight up close with a diamond sword, attack from a distance with a bow and arrow, or use explosives like TNT. There is a weapon that will suit your needs. Experiment with different weapons and find the one that works best for you.

With that, you are all set to wreak havoc in your Minecraft world with the best weapons in hand. If you need help with building your house in Minecraft or are out of ideas, read our guide: Best Minecraft House Ideas. If your game is laggy with a drop in FPS, try changing your launcher and learn more about launchers in our BEST Minecraft Launchers guide. You can also tame a parrot in Minecraft; read more in our how to tame a parrot guide. You can also create an XP farm in Minecraft to level up quickly without any problems.


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