Microsoft’s Xbox app for Windows gets even better with Game Cards and the latest update.


Xbox app for Windows

As the month of May approaches, Microsoft is using the time to add some new features to its Xbox app for Windows. These include some improvements to game cards, some new social gaming changes, and more.

gave Xbox News Site There is information about the update. One of the new features will allow those who are gaming on their PC to continue to see their friends list window, chat room window, and party window on the screen. Microsoft states:

If you have two desktops, simply drag the windows that aren’t in a full-screen game to the desktop and keep up-to-date with your friends at a glance.

The app now offers a way for PC gamers to watch a seamless version of their Xbox friends on desktop at any time. If you see a friend who is currently online, you can click on them to start chatting. You can even see anyone who’s been in a recent game with you and add them to your friends list, or import your Steam friends list by linking your Steam account to the Xbox app. are

Xbox app for Windows

According to the blog post, the app’s game cards now contain more information about each game:

Now, you can see contextual metadata with the game title such as Publisher, Pricing, HowLongToBeat Time, Game Pass Expiry Date, Game Pass Expiry Date for those games, and more! You will see all this information when you browse games in the app.

The Xbox app for Windows also has some new filter options, including its HowLongToBeat score, its rating, and more. The app also has some new game lists including a trending list.

Finally, the accessibility settings menu in the app has been updated so you can check these options and other PC gaming settings in one place. It allows users to control “enable or disable animations and background images” and more.


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