Microsoft’s LinkedIn is using AI to provide notices to job seekers.


Linkedin Manager ai

Microsoft’s LinkedIn business social network has already announced that it’s using generative AI to help its users improve what’s on their profiles, as well as businesses that hire better people. Want to post. Today, LinkedIn announced a new feature that’s supposed to help job seekers create messages for hiring managers on the service.

Engadget reports that if a user sees an open job on a business’s page, they’ll see an option to “Let AI send a message to the hiring team.” Upon clicking, the site will compose a message based on the job seeker’s LinkedIn profile, hiring manager’s profile, business description, and details of the open job position.

Of course, after the AI ​​creates the message, the user can edit it to make it look more personal, as well as make sure there are no typos in the letter. This new feature is only available to those who sign up for a paid LinkedIn Premium subscription and should start rolling out this week.

This new feature certainly sounds a lot like the generative AI features that are being put into Microsoft 365 Copilot, which will write emails, documents, spreadsheets and more from scratch based on some text prompts. Microsoft is currently testing Copilot with a few enterprises but will expand its reach to more companies in the coming months.


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