Microsoft updates snapping tool with ability to stop screen recording


A snapping tool logo with the default Windows 11 wallpaper on the background

Not so long ago, Microsoft announced a new snapping tool app. With built-in screen recording capabilities. While it’s great to see Microsoft finally add a native screen recorder to its operating system, users quickly discovered that the updated app lacks a number of features, such as the ability to pause recording. Changing the frame rate, and more. Users worried about the lack of an initial release will be happy to know that Microsoft has released an updated snapping tool with some much-needed changes.

Updated snapping tool with new pause feature

As noted by a Twitter userPhantom of the Earth, Snipping Tool 11.2212.24.0 now lets you stop screen recording. Also, it now has a handy mode switcher that ditches the “Snip” and “Record” text on the buttons. Finally, the app has received slightly modified controls for customizing the recording area border.

Updated Snapping Tool app in Windows 11

Unfortunately, the app still doesn’t allow changing the frame rate, which is limited to 30fps, and you can’t reposition the recording area when you’re paused. If you are unhappy with it, be sure to register your complaints in the feedback hub.

You can download the updated snapping tool. From the Microsoft Store. For those who want a more capable app for taking screenshots and recording the screen in Windows 11, check out ShareX 15, which is now available for download in the stable channel.


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