Microsoft tried to acquire at least one mobile games publisher, the CMA final report


Highlights of the story

  • The CMA’s final report said Microsoft tried to acquire at least one mobile games publisher, but the document did not name it.
  • The report added that Activision is quite strong when it comes to the mobile gaming market, and its games on the mobile gaming store will add to the competition.
  • The UK watchdog believes the sale could be achieved through less anti-competitive means than a buyout, and Microsoft could acquire a different publisher, which has been its strategy.
  • The Competition and Markets Authority has blocked the Activision Blizzard merger due to anti-competitive concerns over cloud gaming.

New details have begun to emerge from the depths. CMA Final Report A major milestone in the UK was recently completed following the acquisition of Microsoft and Activision by Blizzard. The Competition and Markets Authority formally blocked the deal, which would have been a major hurdle for the acquisition to go ahead. Regardless, the report did spot some interesting facts, such as the company’s efforts to acquire mobile games publishers.

Accepts the final report of the Competition and Markets AuthorityMicrosoft argues that Activision has significant power in mobile gaming. In addition, it considers “that the presence of Activision’s games on any mobile gaming store would increase its competitiveness.“Regardless, the UK watchdog believes the sale is achievable”Less anti-competitive sources than mergers.

In the report, CMA also hinted at an acquisition by Microsoft where it tried to buy a mobile games publisher. Nevertheless, the purchase appeared to flop and came to no conclusion. The report teases at least one unnamed mobile games publisher, but several conclusions can be drawn from the wording of the report. Unfortunately, the name of the mobile games publisher has not been revealed, which was likely done for legal reasons.

However, we also consider that this could be achieved through less anti-competitive means than a merger, and Microsoft buying a different mobile games publisher to ‘engage players with engaging content and experiences’. can get This seems to have been Microsoft’s strategy – it tried to buy. [Redacted] I [Redacted]and said [Redacted]Refers to the final report of the CMA.

It’s worth noting that if Microsoft had publicly disclosed the acquisition in the past, the studio’s name would likely have been mentioned in the CMA’s final report. In other words, we can expect this to be a stealth acquisition effort by Microsoft and the unnamed mobile games publisher since the name has been changed.

The final report also talks about some other interesting details from the Activision Blizzard merger. For example, the document talks about the difficulty surrounding the evolution of the Call of Duty franchise over the next ten years on the Nintendo Switch. It describes how the benefit may not be sustained due to changing customer or console behavior in the future.

The ever-changing nature of the console market makes it difficult to make any predictions about how a particular retail product (eg, CoD [REDACTED]) may evolve, or how customer behavior may evolve.”

In the document, the Competition and Markets Authority also noted that Nintendo bringing Call of Duty to the Switch could distort competition and make the handheld a closer competitor to the Xbox, which would not be in Microsoft’s interest. Previously, CMA has suggested that the Nintendo Switch’s tech limitations won’t allow it to run Call of Duty, further fueling the rumors surrounding the decision.

In the past, it was thought that the CMA would approve Microsoft’s merger of Activision Blizzard, with one report suggesting that the purchase would not result in a “substantial lessening of competition.” However, the acquisition was reportedly blocked by the CMA on the grounds that it was anti-competitive with cloud gaming.

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