Microsoft Translator has added 129th language and it is not available on Google Translate.


Microsoft Translator logo in front of Germany

Microsoft Translator Now supports A total of 129 languages ​​were added after the company added Lower Sorbian with the help of the Sorbian language community. People who need access to translations in that language can get them through the Microsoft Translator apps, Office, and Translator for Bing. According to Microsoft, Lower Sorbian is considered a critically endangered language with fewer than 7,000 speakers.

Other ways you can take advantage of this support Interpreter Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service which lets you add Lower Sorbian translation to your apps, websites, workflows and tools. It also has a document translation feature to translate documents into languages ​​while preserving formatting. Additionally, you can use it with a translator. Knowledge Services To add things like speech and image translation to your apps.

Lower Sorbian is a West Slavic language like Polish or Czech. It is spoken in Brandenburg in eastern Germany and the signs in the area are bilingual. There is also a high school that teaches children using the Lower Sorbian language.

Most speakers of Lower Sorbian today are of the older generation, and as these people die, knowledge of the language may decline. By adding support for this to Microsoft Translator, people will be able to continue translating works written in the language or even use the tools to teach the language to more people.


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