Microsoft Teams Premium to get AI-generated meeting recaps


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Unless you’ve been on Mars for the past couple of months, you know that Microsoft has decided to go all-in on generative AI. It includes new services like Bing Chat, Bing Image Creator, and all Copilot features coming to Office apps and other products. Now it looks like Microsoft Teams will soon join this AI trend with a new way to recap previous team meetings.

But this new feature Microsoft 365 Roadmap It’s called Intelligent Meeting Recap, and for now it’ll only be available to Teams users who sign up for a premium subscription. The Roadmap entry states:

As part of Teams Premium, Intelligent Meeting Recap is a comprehensive AI-powered meeting recap experience that provides users with AI-assisted recording and transcription playback to capture, recall and follow-up on hour-long meetings in minutes. helps to do It allows users to browse recordings by speakers and topics, as well as access AI-generated meeting notes, action items and @mentions.

This feature is for desktop and Mac users, and it looks like it’s coming very soon. General availability for Intelligent Meeting Recap is coming in late April 2023. It’s a shame that this will only be for Teams Premium members, but perhaps Microsoft will make a version of this AI recap feature available to all Teams users.


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