Microsoft Teams makes the new SpeakerView feature available for public preview.


Speaker View in Microsoft Teams

The old “classic” free version of Microsoft Teams may have been discontinued, but the online meetings and chat service continues to update its current version with new features. Today, the company announced a new way for teams to view video meetings.

Microsoft’s blog post Details on this feature, called Speaker View:

The speaker view can be selected from the view switcher within a meeting, and allows meeting participants to easily track the currently active speaker. This is particularly effective in scenarios with a limited number of keynote speakers and a large audience, such as town halls, trainings, or lectures – especially from the student perspective.

Microsoft says that SpeakerView puts the main speaker on the screen in higher-resolution video than usual. It also uses 16:9 tiles to give the speaker enough room to make hand gestures more visible on the screen.

Setting up SpeakerView is also very easy. Click on the bus. See icon at the top, and then select Speaker view option

This feature is currently available for testing in the Microsoft Teams Public Preview build and is currently only available for Windows or macOS platforms.


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