Microsoft Teams launched its new payments app in public preview.


Microsoft Teams Payments App

If you’re in a Microsoft Teams meeting, you probably know there’s a lot more you can do than just chat with your fellow employees online. You can choose to chat through a 3D avatar in a meeting, or apply fun Snapchat filters, among other things. Today, Microsoft is rolling out a way for Teams meetings to actually accept payments during a session.

Microsoft’s blog post has announced that its new Teams Payments app is now available in public preview. Users can also view payments received in the app, or future payments that are still due. If you’re wondering what this new app could be used for, Microsoft has some ideas:

For example, an attorney or financial advisor may collect payments for consulting appointments, a real estate instructor for license renewal sessions, or a teacher for tutoring classes — all while When the customer engages with them.

is a payments app. Now available for download in the Thames Store.. At the moment, it’s only for residents of the United States and Canada and subscribers to Teams Essentials and Microsoft 365 business users. The app currently supports online payments through PayPal and Stripe but will expand to support GoDaddy in the near future.


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