Microsoft Teams has added a new My Day feature to the Tasks by Planner and To Do app.


My specialty in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is more than just an online chat and video meeting service. It can also help people keep track of their assignments through its tasks-by-planner and to-do app. This week, a new feature called My Day was added to the app. It’s a simple addition but should be very effective for people who have a lot of work and personal commitments every day.

In a blog postMicrosoft says:

My Day View brings together tasks such as Microsoft To-Do, Microsoft Planner (tasks assigned to you in Plans), and flagged emails from Microsoft Outlook. Now, you can view all your tasks in a single, unified interface. If you are concerned about a task today, simply add it to My Day by right-clicking on the tasks and selecting the ‘Add to My Day’ option.

My Day lists can also be organized on a priority basis or by due date. When a task on the list is completed, you can mark it off, and it will be finished so you can clearly see which tasks need to be completed now.

If you are unfamiliar with the Tasks by Planner and To Do app in Microsoft Teams, you just open Teams, search and click on it. Apps tab in its left-hand sidebar, and finally find and click Tasks by Planner and To-Do app. When you want to use the new My Day feature, just right-click on a task and then select Add to my day. option


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