Microsoft Teams brings new video filters to enhance your online meetings.


Microsoft’s own Skype and rival platform Zoom have for years had the ability to make online video meetings more interesting through a number of video filters. But for some reason, Thames lacked support for such visual effects for a long time. That changes today, as Microsoft has finally started rolling out new video filters for Teams.

Teams video filters

However, video filters aren’t exactly new in Teams. The Thames desktop app allows you to tweak some basic things, such as the ability to control brightness. But Teams’ latest video filter offering aims to take the whole experience to another level. In addition to the brightness controller, Team users will be able to add various things. The frame And Styles To enhance the video stream experience.

Microsoft Teams allows users to apply video filters from the quick tray in the pre-join screen. It is also possible to apply these visual effects after joining a meeting from the meeting toolbar. However, you must be in Public Preview to use this feature.

Video filters are available as apps developed by Microsoft and third-party partners. As a result, apps that apply video filters will require your consent to install them. Windows and macOS are currently the supported platforms for you to try new visual effects.

As Noted by Microsoft.the new visual effects have some limitations:

  • Video filters can be enabled/disabled at the app level from the Tenant Admin Center.
  • The feature is not available in EDU tenants.

Microsoft Teams’ video filters are expected to hit general availability in February.


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