Microsoft Store ads are now generally available to all developers.


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Microsoft certainly wants more desktop developers to use its Microsoft Store platform to let Windows 10 and Windows 11 users download and install desktop apps. today, The company disclosed That the Microsoft Store Ads program, which began as a pilot program in September 2022, is now available for all app developers to access.

Microsoft Store with ads designed to promote apps in the store.

According to the blog post, developers can now run ads in the Store through Microsoft Advertising.With this new program, developers must already have apps in the Store to run any advertising campaign. May promote an app, or a major update to an existing app. The company also promises competitive cost-per-click (CPC) rates. They can run a campaign to get their app in front of an audience that might like similar apps. For example, a racing game can be advertised in-store to people who are already fans of racing games.

In a separate announcement, the company is now allowing all Win32 developers to upload their desktop apps sold in the Microsoft Store, including .NET, C++, Electron, Flutter, Qt, Rust, and more. Includes built-in desktop apps. Again, the apps must work on Windows 10 or 11.


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