Microsoft shares frequently asked questions on Windows Update UUP including Configuration Manager, WSUS, more.


Installing Windows Update

In October of 2022, Microsoft announced a public preview of the on-premises UUP (Unified Update Platform) that promised faster and smaller Windows updates. About a month and a half before the rollout, the company shared more details about UUP which claims up to 30% faster and shorter downloads. Microsoft added that .NET update performance will also be significantly improved on Windows 11 22H2 because .NET Framework updates will now be part of UUP as well. Of course, it wasn’t bug-free because the WSUS upgrade was problematic due to the accidental removal of required UUP MIME types.

On-premises UUP finally launched at the end of March and Microsoft again assured that udata sizes would be slim after the initial one-time 10GB download. Since a month has passed since then, Microsoft has shared a useful FAQ today. This FAQ covers many of the best practices that IT and system administrators should be aware of and is based on feedback received by Microsoft.

Written by Balasubramanyam Daly, a principal program manager at Microsoft, the FAQ says:

One month after the release of the UUP update, sharing best practices based on our field and feedback through multiple channels.

If you’re wondering, FAQ articles Configuration Manager Current Branch (CB), Automatic Deployment Rules (ADR), OS Deployment (OSD), Task Sequencing (TS), Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), Delivery Questions and covers questions. optimization (DO), offline servicing, among others. You can check out Microsoft’s full blog post. website.


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