Microsoft says the Xbox 360 Marketplace will be around after May 2023.


This is a picture of the Xbox 360 logo.

Earlier this week, Microsoft confirmed that a large number of older Xbox 360 digital games will be removed from the Xbox 360 Marketplace starting February 7th. After this message was posted, another game briefly appeared on the support site before being removed (via On MSFT):

We will be shutting down the Xbox 360 Marketplace next year, so we encourage you to purchase any 360 games or DLC until May 2023.

Before all existing Xbox 360 owners start freaking out, Microsoft has since clarified that the support page post was, in fact, incorrect. gave Gametsu Twitter account A Microsoft spokesperson posted a response, saying:

This message was posted in error and we can confirm that the Xbox 360 Marketplace will not be shutting down in May 2023.

The same message reminded Xbox 360 owners that the previously posted list of games, DLC, and in-game content will still be removed from the Marketplace next week. If you want to get one of the games on the delete blacklist, you only have a few days to grab them, remember to re-download any games you bought from the Xbox 360 Marketplace. Can if you delete them. your hard drive.

The Xbox 360 console first launched in November 2005, which means it’s approaching its 18th anniversary. While Microsoft ended production of the console in 2016, it continues to support the hardware and software. The big question is when this support will end.

Source: Gematsu on Twitter through On MSFT


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