Microsoft says the latest May 2023 Windows AutoPatch update is its most “impactful.”


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Microsoft, earlier today, published a new Tech Community blog post describing its latest May 2023 Windows AutoPatch public preview. (If you’re not familiar with AutoPatch, check out this article .) The blog post notes that this month’s update is the most impactful since AutoPatch was first introduced in April 2022. Lior Bela, CPA, Windows Autopatch and Microsoft Intune, who wrote the blog post, writes:

Not since the introduction of Windows AutoPatch have we had such an impactful news-filled blog. This is a public preview of the powerful new features now available in Windows AutoPatch, so keep reading to get a glimpse at the latest additions to the service. The theme of this release is responding to real enterprise needs – all because we’ve heard from AutoPatch users what they want from the service. So here they are: new capabilities, controls, and reports, all ready to help IT administrators improve security and productivity with less effort.

One reason for saying this is that the May 2023 AutoPatch will now bring more control over how IT admins and system admins can deploy feature updates. For example, some updates can be configured only for specific AutoPatch groups, while for others these updates can be rolled out in a staggered fashion. These different AutoPatch groups are identified as “deployment circles”.

The latest AutoPatch update also brings alerts and notifications when it detects missing or changed policies within the Tenant Management section. Reporting on both feature updates and quality updates has also been improved. You can find more details about the new features and additions in the official Blog post.


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