Microsoft removes eye candy from Edge in Canary channel


Microsoft Edge logo monochrome on black background

In June 2022, Microsoft released an Edge update with significantly upgraded visuals. A new experimental flag made it possible to turn on the Mica effect on the tab strip and toolbars to look better on Windows 11. Fast forward to January 2023, and the flag responsible for turning on the eye candy is gone.

As seen. @Leopeva64the latest Edge 111 Canary update has removed the “Show Windows 11 visual effects in the title bar and toolbar.“Flag, making it impossible to turn on”Show Windows 11 visual effects in the title bar and toolbar (Preview)” option in the browser’s appearance settings. Tab strips, toolbars, and sidebars now use the default dull gray background (or any other opaque color you set in settings). Fortunately, the flag and setting are still there. Edge stable.

Screenshot of Microsoft Edge Appearance Settings

There is no information on why Microsoft has removed the MACA effect from its browser in Canary Channel. Also, this isn’t the first time the company has deleted visual upgrades from the Edge. Perhaps, Microsoft is working on a better variant, which could be a part of the rumored Edge “Phoenix” – a reimagined version of the browser. One can also assume that this is a temporary change or bug that Microsoft will roll back.

We’ll update the article once we get word from Microsoft.


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