Microsoft released new Xbox Insider beta, delta, and omega builds.


John Callham


Apr 7, 2023 14:48 EDT

Microsoft has released new Xbox Insider builds to the public. Son, DeltaAnd Omega ring All three have the same build number (2304.230405-2200) and all three have the same release notes. There are no new features, just a few fixes.

Below is the changelog:

Reforms applied

  • Thanks to the hard work of Xbox engineers, we’re happy to announce that the following fixes have been implemented for this build:


  • Various stability and performance fixes.

Known issues

We understand that some issues have been listed in previous Xbox Insider Release Notes. These items are not being ignored, but it will take more time for Xbox engineers to find a solution.


  • We have received reports of users experiencing intermittent issues with audio in the dashboard, games and apps.
  • Note: If you experience issues with the audio, please submit feedback immediately via a problem report with the “Reproduce with advanced evaluation” option.
  • Select the category “Console Experiences” then “Console Audio Output Issues” and add the following information:
    • When did the problem start? After the console update, restart, restart, etc.
    • Did you just lose audio in game/app or system audio?
    • Does changing the audio format solve the problem? If yes, what was the shape before and after?
    • Does rebooting fix the problem?
    • What does your setup look like? Equipment, layout, etc
    • and any additional information you can provide to reproduce the problem.

My Games and Apps

  • Titles in the collection may incorrectly appear with the “trial” tag.
  • We have received reports of users being unable to install or launch certain titles with error 0x87e1000c. We are aware and investigating.
  • Workaround: Delete the content, set your default install location to internal storage (My games and apps > Manage > Storage devices > Change installation locations) before installing the title that failed to install, then Try again.


  • Some users have reported that the console is showing up at the wrong resolution on boot. We are aware and investigating.
  • Note: If you experience this behavior, please make sure you submit feedback immediately by reporting a problem. Please include the make/model of your TV/display in the description.
  • Solution: Restarting the console via the power menu (holding down the Xbox button brings up the power menu) should resolve the behavior. If not.

If you’re an Xbox Insider and need some help or want to engage with the rest of the community, there’s an official Xbox Insider. subreddit. If you need to report a problem to Microsoft, you can find out how to do that here. Here.

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