Microsoft redesigns the stock Windows Weather app, inspired by MSN News.


A screenshot of the updated MSN Weather app

Microsoft has quietly started rolling out a redesigned Weather app for Windows 10 and 11. It’s been sitting quietly without much attention from the company for quite some time, but now users can enjoy a brand new home screen with more information (or not). and MSN News.

The biggest change in the new MSN Weather app (version 4.53.5109 and later) is a redesigned homepage with tabs that let you quickly check the forecast for your favorite locations (via @Firecube Studio And Desk Modder). In addition, there are new information blocks, such as “Suggestions for your day” with forecast-based recommendations. For example, the app can tell you if you need an umbrella, what clothing to wear, wind protection, etc. Unfortunately, when upgrading the app, Microsoft lost the air quality indicator, so you can no longer check the AQI for your area in MSN Weather (it’s still available on the MSN Weather website). .

Here’s how the upcoming update compares with the current version:

As for other less pleasant changes, get ready for a multitude of recommended content on every page within the app. Once you scroll down, the app will greet you with the MSN News Feed, which is notorious for feeding users with all sorts of questionable (sometimes downright harmful) content. Fortunately, the feed focuses on weather news, so it doesn’t try to shove celebrity gossip and other nonsense down your throat.

Overall, the MSN Weather app for Windows 10 and 11 is now an exact copy of its web-based interface. Page, recently named the most accurate forecast provider by ForecastWatch. One could argue that the service’s UI isn’t the most intuitive or easy to use (not to mention the ever-expanding recommended content), but at least it provides accurate predictions.


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