Microsoft presents Sony with a request for confidential details.


Highlights of the story

  • Microsoft has asked the PlayStation creator to submit relevant business details in the wake of the FTC trial. Sony may be forced to reveal confidential details to keep the hearings going.
  • Sony has requested an extension of the deadline. It has been changed to January 27 instead of the old date of 20.
  • SIE’s response could drastically change the course of Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard.

According to one A recent court filing by the FTC, Microsoft has reportedly issued a legal summons to Sony that has served the giant party. The creator of Xbox has requested SIE to disclose important and relevant confidential business details in light of the FTC trial. In other words, Sony could be forced to disclose confidential information in order to proceed with the hearings.

Discussions between SIE and Microsoft regarding SIE’s production scope and discovery schedule are ongoing.“, noted the official filing. SIE responded with an appeal of its own. Sony has asked for an extension of the deadline so that a conclusion and compromise can be reached between the two tech giants.

SIE requests an extension of the deadline for SIE to limit or cancel or otherwise respond to the subpoena so that SIE and Microsoft can continue to negotiate and thereby eliminate or limit any issues that may be resolved. need to appear in court. Document

Originally, the warrant was published on January 17 with an expected date of January 20. However, Sony’s request was accepted, and the deadline has been extended to January 27.

The SIE has to issue an official response before the deadline. The answer could have big implications going forward with the biggest acquisition in the gaming industry.

Sony has been largely opposed to Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard, making sure to discuss all the hurdles the FTC would face if the merger were to go through.

For example, Sony’s stock fell 12 percent in just one day after the Microsoft merger was revealed. What’s more, the PlayStation creator noted that Microsoft will make the Activision deal. Give Xbox an unfair advantage. in the past. The FTC seems to be against the merger even from the reports that the gaming industry has seen so far.

Not long ago, the FTC was suing to block Microsoft’s acquisition of Blizzard. The FTC said the deal would happen. Anti-competitive And Opposite user, enabling it to harm competition in the gaming arena. The case shook Mumtaz. $69 billion mergermaking his chances of success bleaker than ever.

Overall, there is still hope for the acquisition to move forward, and it could be a win for anyone here. The four-person committee at the FTC appears to be tied on votes right now. In the past, Phil Spencer has also stated multiple times that Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation consoles, and will not be taken over from Sony.

Many prominent regions around the world are still deciding whether to vote for or against Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard. Recently, the UK CMA extended its Activision-Blizzard report deadlineThe scope and complexity of the investigation.”

Microsoft has already received consent from a few countries, while most are in the review process. At scale, the company has so far secured approvals in Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Serbia and most recently Chile. The deal is under review in various jurisdictions including the US, EU, UK and others.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft apparently issuing a subpoena seeking confidential documents from Sony? Do you think Sony will eventually disclose the requested information? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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