Microsoft PhoneLink’s “Recent Websites” now works on Samsung Galaxy Book and smartphones.


Samsung Galaxy smartphone and book

Samsung has announced that it has made the “Recent Websites” feature on the Microsoft PhoneLink app available on its Galaxy Book series and smartphones.

The company sees this expansion as part of its efforts to increase “PC-mobile connectivity” where it suggests that in a survey it found 77% of people “use multiple apps and devices simultaneously for the same task.” But it also looks like it could use a job. A lot of extra effort.” A recent feature of Websites helps users resume browsing sessions from their phones to their PCs.

Samsung Galaxy smartphone and book

With the latest announcement, Samsung allows Galaxy Book and Galaxy smartphone users to take advantage of increased connectivity between devices. This capability enables users to reopen tabs on their PC without checking browsing history or search terms.

While this feature is accessible starting today, there are some devices, such as those with older One UI versions, that may not support this capability. Samsung mentions:

“Recent Websites is only available on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone running One UI 3.1.1 or higher (Samsung Galaxy S, Note, Z Fold, Z Flip) and a Windows PC with Windows 10 20H1 or higher Use the Samsung Internet app. Linking to the Windows service (2.3 or higher) requires the latest app update. Feature availability may vary by application.”

Users wishing to benefit from this feature must first link their Galaxy smartphones to their Galaxy Book via Link to Windows. Microsoft Phone Link app on their phone and PC respectively. Then they need to run or fly out the Microsoft Phone Link app on the PC, which will show the websites they were browsing on their smartphone. Once a user clicks on any website, the link will open on their Galaxy Book.


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