Microsoft OneDrive for work and school gets a new look on the web with new features.


Microsoft One Drive

In December, Microsoft launched a new version of the Windows OneDrive app for Windows 11. Today, the company announced a new version of OneDrive on the web for its education and business users, and it’s available now.

Microsoft’s blog post states:

The new OneDrive Home experience reduces the time you spend searching for your files so you can spend more time. Our new “For You” area uses AI-powered file recommendations to surface personalized files for you, the most relevant, time-sensitive content in your OneDrive. brings We’ve also added rich, context-based organization, such as views that show you recent, shared, and favorite files and meetings. These views help you quickly return to content. And finally, inline activity updates let you view files at a glance or jump right to comments on files you want to address.

The new OneDrive web experience will add new features in the coming weeks. One of them is the new shared scene. Everyone will be able to see all the files shared with that person in one place.


Another new feature coming in the near future is the People View page. Microsoft says:

The new People View organizes your files by the people you’re working with. We’ve created this context-aware, adaptive experience so you can quickly find the files you’re working on together. You’ll be able to pin people to the top of the view for quick access, and activity views will help you keep up to speed on collaboration without ever opening a file.

Also coming soon is a Meetings View page where users can see which files have been shared with them in online meetings, via Notes, or Microsoft’s new Loop app. The new OneDrive will also add features like filtering files by type and using different colors for virtual folders. Microsoft will let users pin certain files as favorites, and even create file shortcut links.

Microsoft will also add a way for OneDrive browser users to continue working on files stored even when they’re not connected to the Internet:

“Available when offline”, will allow you to go offline and continue working on files in your browser, with changes automatically syncing to OneDrive once you’re back online. Stay with us for more updates.

Microsoft also mentioned that AI file recommendations are coming to OneDrive for work or school, but did not reveal details.


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