Microsoft may launch Private Chat GPT for businesses that need to protect and isolate their data.


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Microsoft is planning to launch a privacy-centric version of ChatGPT in response to concerns that people’s data could be exploited to train artificial intelligence models. The move is set to appeal to industries such as healthcare, finance and banking that have avoided using ChatGPT due to the potential risk of their staff sharing sensitive information with their systems.

A separate version of the AI ​​tool will run on dedicated cloud servers where the data will be kept separate from other users’ data. Data on these dedicated servers will be isolated from the main Chat GPT system to ensure privacy. A private setup can cost up to 10 times more than what customers currently pay to use ChatGPT.

OpenAI also plans to launch a new privacy-focused business subscription that won’t feed user data to train default models. OpenAI has also sold to Morgan Stanley. A private chat GPT service using which the bank’s wealth management division is able to ask questions and analyze the bank’s thousands of market research documents. Since Microsoft already has one. A multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAIit is allowed to resell its products without any conditions.

Microsoft’s privacy-centric AI service could be a game-changer for companies that deal with critical and sensitive data. Samsung banned its employees from using generational AI chatbots at work or on devices after it learned that some of its employees had uploaded the company’s source code. Microsoft salespeople are already inquiring about the upcoming product from organizations, as many existing customers have contracts with Azure that could benefit from managing data securely.

Microsoft is expected to launch its private AI service later this quarter.

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