Microsoft is testing custom amounts for Rewards gift card redemptions.


Microsoft Rewards has been around for a while now. If you’re unfamiliar, you can sign up for a Microsoft account on a web browser, and then perform various tasks online, such as searching on Bing, taking quizzes, and more. You then accumulate points that you can redeem for, among other things, digital gift cards for Microsoft products and other companies.

However, those gift card redemptions are currently limited to a few amounts, such as $5, $25, and $50. Today, Microsoft’s head of advertising and web services, Mikhail Parkhin, posted on Twitter that the company is testing a new system where Microsoft Rewards members can redeem their money for gift cards.

The system, in theory, would allow more reward cards to be redeemed because customers wouldn’t have to wait for Amazon to reach the $25 gift card level when they only need to reach $20. Parkhin says he’s testing the new system “in flight” (meaning a limited number of users) and it should be available to all Microsoft Rewards customers “within a couple of weeks.”

Microsoft Rewards recently tied up with the new AI-powered Bing Image Creator. By adding reward points, users can quickly create artwork in Bing Image Creator.


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