Microsoft is now offering 15GB of free data through Edge VPN on Canary, instead of just 1GB.


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In April of this year, traces of an integrated VPN (virtual private network) called “Secure Network” were spotted in Microsoft Edge, powered by Cloudflare. A month later, the Redmond company officially announced adding some more details about this new feature. In September, the Microsoft Edge Secure Network Preview service finally went live in the Canary Channel. However, this has been a controlled rollout, so not everyone is getting this feature, but those who were offered it were able to enjoy 1GB of free VPN data.

Fast forward to today, and The latest version of Edge Canary, v110.0.1563.0 has a major change as the previous 1GB cap in the Edge Secure Network feature is now in place. Removed and picked up. To offer 15 times more free data at 15GB. Reddit user and Edge enthusiast Lyupiva64-2 Noticed this change in the latest release, and it’s a really big change.

Edge Canary 110 is offering 15GB of free VPN data.

To test Secure Network, download Microsoft Edge Canary from the official website and sign in with your Microsoft account (MSA). Note that using Secure Network during the preview period requires an MSA to monitor data usage. This can be enabled within the “Privacy, Search & Services” menu in Settings.

Of course, this is still a preview feature in testing, so it’s anyone’s guess whether it will make it to the final stable channel build. And if it does, Edge could become an attractive browser choice for people who enjoy browsing anonymously with a VPN, but don’t want to pay for it.

Source: Leopeva64-2 (Reddit)


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