Microsoft is making it easier for enterprise users to manage Win32 apps.


While modern apps such as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and other new technologies often make headlines, there are still a ton of apps built using the old Win32 APIs, especially in the enterprise space. Microsoft is now making it easier for business users to manage their Win32 apps.

The Windows 10 default wallpaper is a bit blurry though.

Microsoft Intune already enables IT administrators to replace existing Win32 apps with completely different apps or upgrade to newer versions of the same app. While enterprise customers are apparently happy with the functionality, the Redmond tech company says it’s also received feedback on how the capability could be improved.

As such, Microsoft is working on many improvements for Win32 App Supersedence. This includes building supercedence and dependency relationships in the same app graph – the former takes precedence in case of conflict -, improved app tracking behavior via the Enrollment Status Page (ESP), and Support for supercedence relationships during ESP. Microsoft has also outlined behavior changes for both app tracking and app processing, You can see the technical details here..

Microsoft has noted that these improvements are being targeted for Q1 2023. However, it may take some time for them to reach you as they will be delivered in a staggered manner, tenant by tenant.


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