Microsoft is investigating unclickable Windows Start, taskbar and Office bugs caused by ClickShare.


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Amidst all the issues and bugs affecting both Windows 11 as well as Windows 10, it looks like Microsoft is currently mulling over another issue. Although not yet publicly disclosed, the company is investigating user reports of an “unresponsive start menu or taskbar.” This bug is causing issues where the Start menu, taskbar, or search bar cannot be clicked. The issues appear to be occurring on both Windows 11 and Windows 10.

This appears to be the result of conflicts with the calendar integration of BigBarco’s ClickShare app, an issue first documented last year. ClickShare is popular with users and IT admins for its wireless conferencing capabilities. The Belgian firm has updated its previous public advisory on the issue. The firm has confirmed that Redmond Dev is now investigating the issue and has assigned an internal tracking number “41322218” to the issue.

On his advice, Barco writes:


This issue is under investigation with the Microsoft Windows team, but it is still best to contact the Microsoft Windows team directly to flag the issue. To submit a ticket, be sure to mention the topic “Unresponsive Start Menu or Taskbar” and reference Microsoft’s internal bug number: 41322218.

However, Barco insisted that the bug was caused by changes on Microsoft’s end because its ClickShare app only reads the Outlook calendar through the Outlook API. On his advice, Barco explained:

Further investigation revealed that the Windows taskbar issue occurs when the user shell registry has been modified for some reason (eg Windows Update, password changes, apps using the Microsoft Outlook API, or other ).

We have further analyzed possible interactions with the ClickShare app and can confirm that ClickShare does not modify Windows registry values ​​or app permissions. The ClickShare app reads the Microsoft Outlook calendar through the Microsoft Outlook API for the One Click Join feature.

The problem with the unresponsive Windows taskbar, therefore, is not a problem with the ClickShare app. It belongs to Microsoft and can be triggered by any application using the Microsoft Outlook API.

As a workaround for this issue, Barco recommends that users disable the “Calendar Integration” option within the ClickShare app settings.

Disabling calendar integration in the ClickShare app

You can find more details about this issue at Official website of Barco.

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