Microsoft is improving the new Outlook for Windows with Classic Calendar Style (ICS).


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The Microsoft 365 Roadmap can often reveal exciting, upcoming changes that Redmond Dev has planned for. For example, one of the recent changes suggests that Microsoft will soon add an option to stop automatic firmware updates on Teams Android. If you missed them, you can read about them in more detail here.

One of the latest changes on the M365 roadmap shows that Microsoft is working on support for the ICS file format in the new Outlook. With ICS, or Internet Calendaring and Scheduling File (iCalendar), Microsoft hopes the new Outlook client will replicate the experience offered on classic Outlook for Windows. In case you haven’t been following along, the new Outlook started rolling out in March.

M365 Roadmap Says that:

Outlook: New Outlook for Windows – ICS support

ICS is a file format that holds event and calendar information and enables users to share this information via email. With full ICS support in the new Outlook for Windows, users will be able to view native ICS files and import them into their calendar. It mimics the experience currently available in Classic Outlook for Windows.

The feature ID for this change is 128028 and the classic calendar in New Outlook will be available in a few months, usually by October.


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