Microsoft is bringing the new Windows 11 Media Player to all Windows 10 users.


Default Windows 10 wallpaper with Windows Media Player superimposed.

Microsoft began rolling out its new, redesigned media player to Windows 11 Insiders in November 2021. The company has since been slowly updating it with new interesting and helpful features such as audio CD ripping, and more high-fidelity audio file formats. There are also features that video watchers will love, such as video folder navigation, which was added recently.

Meanwhile, on Windows 10, Groove Music has been the default music playing app. However, it looks like that’s about to change as Microsoft is now starting to replace Groove Music on Windows 10 with the new Windows Media Player.

The development isn’t entirely new though and was probably coming to all users sooner or later. This is because Microsoft had already started rolling out the new media player to Windows 10 Release Preview Channel Insiders, allowing users to use rg-adguard.

The new Windows Media Player in Windows 10

DeskModder reports that the new media player is now starting to be available on the Microsoft Store, which means that all Windows 10 users should be able to use it soon. A good gift.

However, you might not get the new Windows Media Player on Windows 10 right away through the Microsoft Store as it’s likely going to be a general rollout. It shouldn’t be too long though.

through: Desk Modder


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