Microsoft is bringing macOS integration to Universal Print.


macOS Universal Print

Microsoft recently added a notable item to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, including its printing tool Universal Print. This enhancement will bring full integration with macOS to the product, providing a seamless printing experience from any app on the platform.

Universal Print was originally announced in the spring of 2020, with a launch a year later in 2020. Spring 2021, as a new service for special education and enterprise customers. Effectively, this is Microsoft’s own way of managing printers without the need for a business to have a dedicated print server on site, as well as the need for printer drivers.

Microsoft has been developing and adding more integrations to Universal Print over the years. Microsoft Excel is getting compatibility on the web in late 2021, and more enterprise-oriented upgrades such as being able to offer delegated admin support for localized management. Information available on the Printer Jobs page was also added in late 2022.

This update for Universal Print is listed in development and is Currently scheduled To be available in preview during June 2023 with a full public rollout starting in September 2023.


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